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  1. My son and a bunch of his buddies in NJROTC airsoft and love it. They try to muster matches every Sunday. I am looking for a SAFE & CONTAINED place to play. Can they play against you? Can they use your venues when you are not? Could they join your team? Would you just like to have another team to play against?
    My goal is foremost to facilitate a safe place for them to go. They had a 25 person match 2 weekends ago and some a&$ hole who was drunk shot at the kids with a pellet gun and thought it was funny.
    They are serious about their MilSim matches, but I am more serious about them being safe and legal.
    Holli Hilt. 417-9556
    Please call! Or email!

  2. We would love to have more people show up. Don’t have to join the team to play with us. Check out the forums for upcoming big games and weekly games. We’re in a slow period right now during hunting season as some of our fields aren’t safe places to play.

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