OP: Maple Leaf 4

    1. When: June 30th
      Show up by 945. Game starts at 1030. Have your gear loaded and ready to rock, or load it quickly. We’re not going to spend 2 hours getting ready.
      We will do a short walk through of the area, a safety briefing and then get to the OP.

Where: The Sandbox up Grual Ramapo Rd.

Details: A small Canadian detachment has stayed behind in Kandahar Province after the rest of the Canadian military pulled out in 2011. Their mission is to support the local militias in establishing control of their region over the Taliban. With little to no support, they are on their own for weeks at a time. Supplies are limited to what can be scavenged and what the U.S. air drops in.
Locals are reporting the Taliban are mustering a large force to remove the Canadian force once and for all. Without another resupply planned for 6 more days, the Canucks must hold out with everything they have.

For sign ups go to http://deltasevenairsoft.com/forum/discussion/762/op-maple-leaf-4-sign-ups#Item_1

Sky Charger B6AC


Today I received my new batteries and charger for my gun. I have been running NiMh batteries since I started playing because they offered better life and better charge/discharge cycles.

When LiPos came out I was didn’t jump on that wagon because they were costly and there were rumors of them catching fire during charging or discharging cycles, but it was mostly the cost. AirsoftGI had batteries and chargers around $70 for each when NiMhs were closer to 30.

I recently got into RC hobby and that’s when I learned that  LiPos are cheap and just as safe as NiMhs if they are used properly. So lets get into this shall we.

I ordered this from HobbyPartz.com for $60. Great site and fast service. The charger is capable of charging LiIon, LiPo, LiFe, NiMh, NiCd, and Pb batteris and up to 6 cells for Lithium batteries. As you can see in the above picture you can see that it comes with quite a few connectors, although they are mostly for RC use, even comes with a glow plug cable.

The unit is all metal and has plenty of vents to help keep down heat buildup.

Sky Charger B6AC

Instead of having a single lead from the charger that you have to make adapter cables for, this charger uses banana connectors to connect the charge lead to the unit. You can pick up these connectors to make your own charge leads from any hobby shop or radio shack. As you can see from this image it has a built in LiPo balance up to 6 cells.


Sky Charger B6AC

It gets power from a AC source or it comes with clamps so you can power it from a car battery, this was a selling feature for me because there have been a few times out in the field that I have needed to recharge my batteries.

It has a great backlit screen, and a easy to navigate and use menu system. I was shocked to find that for all battery types it has a discharge that can be set to a specific voltage per cell.
Sky Charger B6AC

This was a neat feature if you’re a information addict like me. It comes with a USB kit so that you can monitor in real time from your PC alot of information you cant read on the LCD screen, such as charger temp. You can also get a graph that shows you the stats of the charge, if there was a voltage drop or spike during the charge that might indicate potential damage to the cell.
Sky Charger B6AC

Also came with a temp sensor for on the battery, but this is more of a pain than anything else since it has an odd shape. You shouldn’t be cooking your battery if you’re charging at the right rate.

This charger does what a charger should do and so much more. For $60 this has alot of features. The fact that it will charge all my batteries, can be powered on a DC battery, and I don’t have to make a adapter to go from one plug to my dean, which creates resistance, are all major selling points. I am very happy with this purchase. Time will only tell on the long run, but reading other reviews and comments on this product I think it will stand the test.

Tru Spec Combat Shirt Review

Tru Spec Combat Shirt

A lot of local players have been switching to Tru Spec Combat Shirts.  They are a great piece of gear.  The middle area is like a poly/cotton tshirt, while the sleeves and back are more like a BDU/ACU material.  This combo offers you protection in the arms, while keeping your core cooled off.

There are included pockets with hook and loop patch locations on both sleeves like any modern combat uniform.  The elbows are reinforced with an extra layer of cordura material and look like they can take a good deal of punishment.

The Army and Marines are issuing these shirts (ACU and MARPAT respectively) to all in tour soldiers as they provide great benefits when worn with a tac-vest or plate carrier to keep you cool even in high temperature weather.

If it’s good enough for the Army, it’s (generally) good enough for me.  I of course don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, so opted for a better color for the local fields and went with the full OD shirt.  There is (I think) a Woodland sleeved variation of this shirt, but it is harder to find.  There’s also a Woodland MARPAT version as well, as MARPAT is a very popular camo locally for the woods.  There’s a Multicam version too, but guess what?  It’s $20 more than the other colors.  Another reason not to use Multicam.

I purchased mine from AirsoftGI.com for $49.95.  They also sell the Tru Spec Tactical Pants for $39.95 to match the shirt.

ESS Profile Googles a year in review

ESS Profile GogglesDelta Seven has been using the ESS Profile Googles with Cortex Clip for about a year now.   All in all, they are great googles.  Great vision and low amounts of fogging.  The Cortex Clip has met with mixed reviews.  It does offer nice protection for your nose and from a bb entering the goggle through your nose area.  Some users have found that with the clip removed, the chance of fogging goes down significantly enough to warrant the lack of safety.  Other people have removed the clip for esthetic reasons.  It really does make you look like a clown.  Since airsoft is about 75% fashion shown, looking like a well geared up clown can be off-putting.  I(Alpine) personally have removed my Cortex Clip and don’t want to put it back on.  The goggles are amazing without it.  I’ve all but converted from my mesh goggles to the ESS Profiles because they just work that well.  The improved vision over mesh is worth the very small chance at fogging.

Overall the ESS Profile Goggles are a great piece of kit.  If you’re willing to pay $200 for a gun, why compromise on eye protection?  Most wounds will heal, but not losing an eye.  Spend the cash up front and get good eye pro, you’ll be glad you did.

OP: Maple Leaf 2

Sign Ups and More info:

After losing their supply line from Taliban forces, a remote Canadian supply outpost has been isolated.  The outpost is running low on ammo after many days of hard fighting.  They are in danger of being overrun by the local Taliban forces.

Before losing radio contact, the Canadian outpost requested evacuation of themselves and sensitive information they are in possession of.  A U.S. Special Forces team already in the area has been dispatched via convey to a nearby area.

The U.S. SF team must link up with the Canadians, secure the outpost, and evacuate all personnel before the outpost is completely overrun.

There is a large Taliban contingent in the area, and their numbers are growing by the day.  This operation must be swift and forceful to be successful.

About the OP:

  • Canadian and US forces will be wearing light colored (ACU, ABU, DCU, and Desert Marpat)
  • OPFor will be wearing Taliban attire (no light colored camo.  woodland and dark colors are ok)
  • There will be on site battery charging
  • No bb’s for sale on site
  • Bring lots of water and a lunch
  • Full sealed eye pro required
  • 400 FPS limit
  • Bring a deadrag



Umarex Licensed USP


Just did my annual airsoft order. Reviews incoming. First up, Umarex Licensed H&K USP.

Specs: (from ASGI website)

Capacity: 16 rounds

FPS :360


I ordered this gun from Airsoft GI on Feb 27th for $45. I received it on March 3rd. I love the speed that ASGI processes and ships their orders. Along with this order was a custom gun but that is another review 🙂


The gun was in a formed clam shell package. And the boxed it was shipped in was packed well. Once again Airsoft GI has shown they care.


To show size

This gun feels nice. I think it has to do with my palm size but it feels good to hold. The exterior is made of plastic but doesn’t feel cheap. The sights aren’t adjustable but have white dots, which helps with aiming.  Safety clicks into place very well. I’m more used to a Beretta’s mag release so this one might take a while to get used to. Empty, the mag drops out of the gun pretty good. I do have the option to add attachments to the front of the frame. The gun fires in dual action so the trigger pull is pretty long. There is a fake hammer that moves when you fire. Gives it a neat look I guess.


There is not a whole lot to report on this as there are not many moving parts. All the moving parts are metal. The package says that there is a hop up. It is not adjustable!


Loading the magazine.  This is my first real dislike. The CO2 cartridge goes in the mag, but in order to do this you will need a allen wrench. Most have a folding wing. Besides that loading BBs is pretty easy, it holds 16 rounds. I loaded .23 BBs and fired a few rounds. The BBs seemed to drop after about 20-30 feet. I dont know if its because of the BB weight or the hop-up is just not working well. I will try this with .20 later on. I didn’t get a chance to chrono the gun until the CO2 was pretty low. It was still shooting at 290fps with a .23 BB. I was able to hit a paper target on my fence (~20ft away) 7 out of 16 times. I hope a lighter BB will increase the range and accuracy of this gun. Although I still feel pretty good about spending the $45 on this.


Great sidearm for the price. How often do you use your sidearm? Is it really worth the cost of a AEG? This gun is $45, so it wont break your budget and it looks pretty good. I havent had the chance to use this gun in any real games but I feel good about my purchase.

Vietnam Loadout Guide

After getting some good feedback about Delta7 hosting a Vietnam Event, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a guide of things one might need or want. Sometimes vintage gear can be spendy but I’m here to tell you that it’s out there if you look and you do have to break the bank for a quality impression.
Here are a few examples.
A Viet Cong or VC load out can be as simple as some old black ER scrubs or a black set of BDUs. Head wear can be as simple as a bandana. Don’t have an airsoft gun from the AK family? Then perhaps you can use a Thompson or an MP40.The VC used many types of weapons early in the war. Have a modern bolt action rifle just wrap it in burlap and call your self a VC sniper.
A General infantry or GI load out can be a little more challenging but not impossible. Every one has a crazy uncle somewhere that might have some OD green fatigues or an old steel pot helmet. Old Alice gear with M16 pouches should do the trick and can be found for around $15-$20(Chances are you might like them better than you $60 chest rig for those modern games). If you don’t have a VNM16 use your M4 without all the bells and whistles. It doesn’t have to be perfect just close.
For a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol or LRRP see above just replace the OD green with Tiger Stripes and loose the helmet. EDRL would work to. What’s EDRL you ask? EDRL is Woodlands Camo’s daddy. Prior to 81 it was what the US army was using. Chances are you may have EDRL and you don’t know it.
The North Vietnamese Army or NVA is much like the VC load out. Using tan or khaki colored dickies or BDUs should work. Typical weapon is AK47 with a Chicom chest rig. Head wear can be a pith hat (like a safari helmet) or a boonie hat with ferns, brush or leaves shoved in it.
I hope this helps you choose a team for this years Nam event. Questions comments or concerns?Please visit the forum.