OP: Maple Leaf a success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our  OP last weekend.  We had a blast, even with the few minutes of torrential downpour and having to move locations mid-battle.  Great turn-out with about 35 people playing.  Look forward to more events from Delta Seven in the near future.

The players in OP Maple Leaf

A special thanks to ESS for sponsoring us too!

D7 Members in attendance

ESS Goggles

Thanks to ESS Goggles for sponsoring Delta Seven!  The new cortex clip profile goggles are great.  No fogging in the 3 games we’ve used them.   This photo is about half of D7 wearing our new swag.

Condor 36″ Gun Bag Review

Today I will be reviewing the Condor 36″ Gun Bag.


I ordered this bag from evike.com on March 16th for $50. I received it on the the 24th. Shipping of this item was delayed because of another item I ordered went on back order and they were waiting to ship until it arrived. Had to beg customer support to just ship the back order item separate.


Came with a few other items in large brown shipping box.  This item and my vest were used as shipping material for my pistol and goggles that also came in the box. I have seen better ways to ship items but this isn’t even close to the worse I have seen things shipped.


WOW! This thing only cost 50 bux? I would expect to pay alot more for something like this. Everything about it felt strong and high quality, from the zippers to the stitches.

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OP: Maple Leaf

At 2005 hours zulu time, a small contigent of Taliban rebels have made their way into the area. It is believed that Taliban forces will be attempting to cut off supply lines to Nato forces in the area, and launch small arms and mortar attacks.

U.S. Army intel reports that Mullah Abdulla Hakim is leading a small militia from across the Pakinstan border. Hakim has setup an operating post allowing the Taliban to call in mortar strikes.

Be aware that there are many nomads and shepherds in the area. This will make it harder when engaging the enemy. These sheperds may be able to provide intel on Hakim’s whereabouts.

A small multi-branch U.S. special forces unit will be sending a 6-8 man team on a patrol of the area. They must secure any Taliban weapons, communications, and intelligence. Attempt capture on high ranking Taliban fighters, including Hakim. A Canadian led patrol was last sighted in the area, but has not been in contact for 12 hours.

May 16, 2010. Report to the field at 1030 hours. Play starts at 1115 hours, so be on time. The playing field is the gravel pit at Endor.  Check the forums for directions if you haven’t been there.  It’s about 45 minutes west of Port Angeles.

Print a waiver, fill it out, and bring it to the field the day of the OP.

There is no charge, and is a play at your own risk event.

Camo Requirements:
Canadian: Woodland or Multicam
OPFOR: Taliban impressions, no full DCU, ACU, Woodland, or Multicam. Mismatch camo is ok, see our OPFOR impression guide.

For more information, and to sign up, go to our forums.

MAG M4 Midcap Review

Today my review is on the MAG 80 round mid cap magazine for the M16/M4.


I ordered this from evike.com on March 16th for $55.00 for a pack of 8. This was my alternate choice for King Arms Midcap.  I didn’t receive my order until March 31st. The day I ordered this it went out of stock, and when I went to email customer support they had already shipped it.


I though this was worth mentioning. It came in a standard shipping box from UPS, no noticeable dings and dents to the box. Inside was another brown box that they came in. No markings or labels. This box was loose inside the shipping box and shook around. The “retail” box was also made from flimsy material and the top wasn’t taped down. Altogether the shipping could of been better….lots better.


These mags have a grey-ish color to them. I really don’t mind that looks good with my gun. They are made from plastic, but it feels like a durable material. There are no noticeable dings and dents, which surprised me because of how they were shipped. I also noticed these has a bb follower so that you get every last one of your shots.


Before I oiled these I was only able to fill 40 bbs into them before they bound up. Shot some silicone (recommend doing this to all types of mags) down the feeding tube and was able to plug 80 bbs into these guys. I wanted to check the feeding on these so put it in my gun. They fit my mag well really nice with no wobble and they slide out with a tug when I release them 5 stars for that. Fired off several rounds on single fire and fed great. Switched over to full and spent the whole mag with out missing a beat (13 rounds a second). Another 5 stars.


My shopping experience with evike this time around has made me rethink ordering from them ever again.  The lack of packaging for shipping has also added to this. That aside I am really happy with this purchase (although not my first choice for mags). Decent build quality and and good finish, on top of working well with my gun has left me with a 4 out of 5 star rating on this product.

Joker’s Review of the A&K M16 SPR MOD 0

Since joining the team and being assigned a specific role on the team, I came to the realization that I needed to change my weapon platform from a CQC type weapon to something with more range and that will pack more punch. After much research and evaluation of my wants and needs in a weapon system, I opted for the M-16 SPR MOD 0, a versatile variant of a rigorously tried and true weapon system.


I originally ordered the D-Boys version from Evike for $175 USD, however, the gun ended up being on a back order from hell, so following the advice of my team mates I subsequently ordered the A&K version from Airsoft GI. The A&K listed for a little more at $218 but Airsoft GI offered free shipping on my order so I ultimately paid about the same as I would have from EVIKE. I placed my order with them on March 8th and got the gun on March 12th. Four days wasn’t bad compared to the two months I had waited for Evike and to be honest, I’m glad I switched.

WEAPON SPECS (as quoted by Airsoft GI, not all tested yet.)

Gearbox: Version 2
Accuracy: 120 feet
Muzzle Velocity: 400+ fps (the gun came with a slip of paper saying that they chronoed the gun at 410 before they shipped it.)
Battery Type: 8.4, 1200 mah small type (doesn’t make much sense for such a large gun, but I believe they expect you to upgrade, which I will.)
Large Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds


Full Metal Receiver (upper and lower)
SPR Style Flash hider
Functional Charging Handle
Free Floating, all metal RIS Hand guard
Flip-Up Front and Rear Sight
Metal Ball Bearing Spring Guide
High Torque Up Motor
Metal Bushings

First impression:

The gun came in a tidy Styrofoam package which encased the gun and all the accessories; a 8.4 volt 1200 mah battery, charger, high-cap magazine, cleaning rod, vertical fore grip, the barrel extension/flash hider, a tiny screw driver and a small bag of crap bb’s.
After taking the gun out of the box, I noticed immediately how solid it felt, no play or wiggle anywhere. It also has good weight to it. As stated on the website, the entire gun is metal (with the exception of the pistol grip and stock). The stock is completely hollow and feels cheap and there is a lot of room for the battery and wires to jostle around inside, so I took some egg crate foam and placed it inside to keep those components in place.
The pistol grip feels solid and is comfortable to grip.
The selector switch is standard with a semi, auto and safe trigger group. It’s very solid in feel and delivers distinct, audible clicks when selecting fire. It is not ambidextrous, however.
The charging handle is fully functional, in that it releases the dust cover and exposes the hop-up when pulled back.
The magazine that came with the gun is a nice, full metal 300 rounds or so, high capacity magazine. It fits in the mag well snugly but takes a bit more force to get it to click in. I tried another mid-cap mag I had laying around (not sure of manufacturer) and this had a little side to side play once seated, but not enough that I’m worried it will fall out. I also tried a mid-cap Viet Nam style magazine which seemed to fit the best. The magazine release works well but is also not ambidextrous.

This gun has a full metal, free-floating outer barrel inside an aggressive MOD 0 type hand guard which features a top rail that extends from the receiver to the front sight. There is also 3 other shorter rail segments on both sides and on the bottom of the hand guard which could facilitate a number of accessories including a bipod. To add to the versatility of the included rails, the hand guard is pre-tapped on all sides to allow for the addition and movement of rails along the outer barrel, making the possibilities for mounting accessories endless.

The front and rear sight both flip up which is a nice feature, but they are both a little wobbly. The rear sight is engaged by depressing a lever which allows it to spring up and has two peep holes, one large and one small that are selected by flipping it forward or aft. The front sight is engaged by flipping it up until it clicks. To put the sight back down, a button on the side is depressed, allowing it move back down.

The gun comes with an all metal, SPR type flash hider which is 3 or 4 inches longer than the orange flash hider that comes on the gun, allowing a longer barrel down the road. Switching these out was pretty easy as the orange tip was glued on but a pair of pliers broke the bond and it unscrewed with ease. Once off, the new flash hider screwed on easily and securely, making the gun look a lot better.


Basic takedown is a little more in-depth, as the entire top rail has to be removed. This isn’t rocket science but there are more tiny nuts and bolts that could be easily lost. Care should be taken when disassembling this weapon. Once the top rail is removed, there is one bolt on the forward side of the mag well that allows the barrel to slide forward and off, exposing the hop-up and the gearbox. From here, the inner barrel and hop-up can easily be removed and/or maintained. This procedure also allows for easy access to the gear box, air nozzle and motor.

All the internal components appear to be clean and sturdy. The gun has an all metal gearbox, hop up and a plastic air nozzle. It is also advertised to have metal bushings, a metal ball bearing spring guide, and a high torque up motor which I will have to verify with my team as I am not internal savvy.
The inner barrel is a crappy brass stock barrel, which I assume to be 6.08mm in bore size and 509mm in length.

I haven’t had a chance to test the real performance of this gun. However, from the firing it a few times in my back yard, everything seems to work well. The motor is a little whiny but smooth and the piston gives the gun a mean sound as well. The hop-up works well and is pretty sensitive from what I’ve seen so far. The gun shoots well on semi and also on full. I plan on chronoing the gun soon and when I do I will add the numbers to this review to give a good idea of how the gun performs stock. I will also add more after I use it a few times in the field.

All in all, this gun is solid for the money. It’s a versatile gun out of the box but is also a great platform to build on and I look forward to upgrading it to meet my needs as a Delta Seven operator.

Solid all metal construction
Reasonably priced
Limitless rail system
Sturdy internals
Aggressive looking
Very upgradeable
Realistic weight

Cheap hollow stock
Small battery
Non ambidextrous

JG M4-A1 (Enhanced) Review

(1)Real Steel History

The M4A1 carbine is a fully-automatic variant of the basic M4 carbine intended for special operations use. The M4A1 has a “S-1-F” (safe/semi-automatic/fully automatic) trigger group, while the M4 has a “S-1-3” (safe/semi-automatic/3-round burst) trigger group. The M4A1 is used by almost all U.S special operation units. The M4A1 is especially favored by counter-terrorist and special forces units for close quarters combat because of the carbine’s compactness and firepower. These features are also very useful in urban warfare. Although the M4 has less effective range than the longer M16, many military analysts consider engagement with a non-specialized small arm above a range of 300 meters (330 yd) to be unnecessary. It is effective at ranges of 150 meters (160 yd) or less and has a maximum effective range of about 500 to 600 meters (550–660 yd).


I ordered this gun from Airsoft GI.  Their shopping and checkout system is very simple to use.  I bought it for $155.

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Afghan OPFOR Impression Guide

This is for those of you that will be registering as OPFOR for April’s event. The event has not been posted yet but will soon be released to the public. I say in many of my posts I’m tired of seeing woodland camo. So those of you that plan on signing up as the OPFOR in April here is a guide on how to put together your impression. The first thing I noticed with the Afghan rebel look is that there is more white then I care to wear in combat, but I also notice lots of earth colors too. It seems that all have some type of head wrap. If you have a shamag that would probably due. If you can cover your face that would be awesome, but crazy facial hair is a plus. Please do not use spirit gum and pubes.
Looks like AKs and commie weapons are a bonus but not required. Bolt-action sniper rifles wrapped would be good substitute. I just want throw it out there so you have great impression. Event will be posted soon.

Airsoft Roles: Designated Marksman

The Designated Marksman, or DM, is not a sniper. They may use a sniper rifle, or rifle similar to what a sniper would use, but they are not a sniper. The DM has a very specific role that they fill within a squad, which is to take accurate shots(sometimes from a long distance) while sticking with the squad. This is the major difference between a DM and a sniper, the DM will almost always stay within the squad, while the sniper usually works in a smaller two man team.

If you the squad leader or fire team leader needs somebody dead, they will usually ask the DM to make it so while the rest of the squad gives them support and cover fire. The DM almost never acts alone though, they need to support their squad as well.

The DM usually uses a semi-auto long range rifle, such as a m-14, or SR-25, or even a M16. Usually they have a 4x scope to spot and take shots with. Although these guns all go full auto, they should almost never have to go full auto unless under duress. Most DMs prefer their guns to be shooting in the 400-550 range, to give them more range over full auto aegs. But this means they need to use engagement limits such as 50 feet or some other agreed upon distance. Under that range they should draw a sidearm, preferably a pistol so it takes up less space.

The key to being a good DM is taking accurate shots and working with your squad to get people in range and in the open for you to kill. DM is a more glamorous role than the sniper, as they get more shots, but will probably use similar gear to the rest of the squad. Basically they are a slightly longer ranged rifleman with a specific role beyond taking shots.