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Delta Seven is an airsoft club consisting of structured airsoft teams.
If your team is interested in joining the club, or if you want to join as an individual hoping to start/join a team, post the necessary information on our forum page about joining D7.

If your team wants to join, include:

  • Team Name
  • Number of Members
  • Member Names/ages/years airosfting
  • Years the team has been together
  • Reason for wanting to join D7
  • What your team goals/aspirations are
  • What impression/look is your team going for
If you want to join as an individual hoping to either form a team, or join an existing team, include:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Years airsofting
  • Prior team(s) experience
  • What your personal goals for airsofting are
  • Specific team you want to start or join

18 thoughts on “Joining D7

  1. To Whom it may concern:

    I am 37 years old, and a U.S. Marine Veteran with 17 years experience, and have been involved in Operation Enduring Freedom, Noble Eagle, & Iraqi Freedom multiple times over the last 10 years. Origionally, I was a K-9 Police Officer/SRT-5811/12/15, but later changed my MOS to Infantry-0321/23. Obviously, I have lots of “Real Toys”, but you can only practice on paper with those, and I have recently purchased several AirSoft rifles and pistols. I’m still in the process of upgrading them for better tactical use, but I would be very excited/interested to come to an event, even if just to observe, and see the world of AirSoft in action. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

    MSG R.D.Reaves
    USMC Ret.

  2. my name is Bo Griffin.
    i am 12, turning 13 in january.
    i haven’t played much, i did a bit of backyard messing around with my friends before i moved, but other than that, no prior experience.
    i want to get into airsoft as a sport, (that’s what it really is) and just have fun.
    i don’t know of any specific teams i would like to join. i am moving to whidbey island in the next month or so, so i researched teams in that area, but the closest one i could find is located in puyallup.


  3. Adam Badger,
    25 Yrs of Age
    Just started, but have prior Paintball Exp. with family.
    No Prior teams.
    Straight to the point! I Fell in love with Paintball, but fell even harder for airsoft. When I get enthused by something, such as Kayaking, paintball, and Airsoft I really get into it and give it my all! I was recently thinking of starting my own team but dont know of anyone else that plays and that would be as serious about it (competition wise) as I am! I am a go getter and do my best at anything and everything I get involved in! I’m wanting to set my goal as starting a serious team or joining a serious team that plays for fun as well as competition!
    Delta Seven Airsoft – Would like to join Serious Name, Serious People, Serious Play! But Fun at the same time.

  4. Fischer McFerron
    15 years old
    I have been airsofting for about 2 years now, I am from federal way, but my parents have a cabin in port Angeles so it wouldn’t be too hard to be part of this team, I go to Tac Tac almost every Sunday if u want to see how I play. My personal goals for airsofting is to start familirizing myself with combat scenarios because I am going into the military after I finish ROTC in high school and possibly college to become an officer, I want to be even more serious about airsofting than I am now, I am a very competitive person and I interested in joining the s.p.o.r team.

  5. Hello,
    My name is Tom Moen, and I am active duty Coast Guard and am getting stationed in Port Angeles in mid July and I would love the opportunity to be able to play with you guys. I have been for about 7 years and in addition have played airsoft since early 2000, when the only guns where TM and Classic Army, and you could only get them from China. I am currently on a team out here and would love to be able to continue playing out there, called Assault Team Flashpoint.

    You can ask the guys I play with, but I take the game seriously and hold others to the same standard. It is not about quantity of shots down range, but quality.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. My name’s Chris – 16 years old. I’m a serious Airsofter looking to join a team with experienced players. In all my four years playing, I’ve only played with people who lacked control and discipline while on the field, and I am looking more than that. My goals are to improve in tactics. I’m very interested in Scout/Sniper’s. I’ve owned many rifles, and I’ve loved them all. My team is Taskforce Chocolate (when I said I played with some amateur players, I meant it), I want to join your team to learn how you play and maybe inform them on signing up with D7 in the near future.


  7. Check out our forums for the latest game info. We play about twice a month and have big games a few times a year.

  8. Hi my name is Bryton Shepherd, I am 16 years old and have had about 2 years of airsoft experience. Last summer I had just made a big purchase on gear. As of now, I would say I’m lookin like a 2013 navy seal DEVGRU type of loadout. My team and I recently just split so I no longer am on a team. And i am in need of starting a new one. I have 1 friend of mine that we were going to see if we can get a team started here at delta seven. My phone number if you need to contact me: 253-389-2526

  9. I also am looking for serious/dedicated players, that would be willing to go with a multicam or desert Marpat loadout. (Would rather go with Marpat). I’m looking for a sniper, medic and some rifleman.

  10. My goals would be to get better in combat scenarios and learn to have more tactics. I am joining the marine corps after high school and want to at learn some stuff that might help me in the corps. Can’t wait to hear see the response.

  11. Hi my name is Wyatt Dollar I am 15 years old I have no prior experience with the sport of airsoft but have the gear ready and have only been paintballing 2x. I am very interested in a team that is willing to take the time to teach me the fundamentals of combat tactics. I am very coachable and do everything as told when im told. I am also a wrestler so I am used to pushing myself past my limits for any kind of training. I am a good team member and a hard worker and is eager to join a team

  12. ◾Team Name
    First Guards Infantry Regiment
    ◾Number of Members
    3 so far (Just made this group an hour ago)
    ◾Member Names/ages/years airosfting
    Kyle Yankee (Me) Age 15, airsofting for 3-4 years.
    Caleb Plant, Age 15, airsofting for 3 years.
    Nathaniel Willard, Age 16, airsofting for 4 years.
    ◾Years the team has been together
    Just made this group an hour ago but have known these guys for years.
    ◾Reason for wanting to join D7
    Looking to get some more experience under our belts until numbers swell with the coming public statement on facebook, Skype, etc…
    ◾What your team goals/aspirations are
    Get more experience and maybe learn some trigger discipline. (Caleb tends to spray and prey with an ungodly deep well of luck doing so)
    ◾What impression/look is your team going for
    Spetsnaz, heavy gunning, Soviet Rambo, (You know, the Russian Armed Forces!)

    Thank you! – Kyle

  13. Hi my name is Cameron Moss I don’t have a team but am looking for a team to run with, this is my first year airsofting, I am 16 years old and the thing I want to get out of airsofting is the ability to work as a team and to have fun in the process.

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