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Airsoft guns for sale

edited April 2015 in Want to Sell/Trade/Buy
Hello Gents, Its been a few years since I was on here. I am selling my guns and a ton of parts.

The sniper rifle scope is not included but I have a bunch of stuff.

Two cyma glock pistols. they need new batteries though,------ make me an offer

A cybergun DE needs mags gun works but the bottom of the mag valve is broken ----- make me an offer

I have a WE 1911 black dragon, think it is called ----- make me and offer

Sniper rifle is upgraded with tight bore teflon barrel, zero trigger, carbon fiber piston, reenforced bore up cylinder, metal spring guide with bearing.  highest fps Spring available was rated at 1000fps with .20, it has settle down to around 700-800. Threaded barrel for suppressor. 

Asking $300 obo still shoots like a champ.

Classic Army MP5

Upgraded harded gears, upgraded ICS high torque motor. Comes with two batteries, solid and collapsible stock. threaded barrel for suppressor. Tight bore barrel, Standard 300fps spring for CQB.
has one high cap mag, and 7 standard 30 rounds mags, also a 3000 round MOS mag. As well as two 3000mah batteries
Asking $200 obo

Ak-47 is completely stock has some issues with selector and missing receiver cover still fires comes with one battery and one mag.
free with purchases of both rifles

Also a stock pile of upgrade and factory parts for almost another MP5 ICS and a Tokyo Marui MP7. They are both in pieces.
free with purchases of both rifles.

I no longer play airsoft, time to move on.



  • One mag a piece on those CYMA glocks?  Batteries are totally toast?  Do you have chargers for them?
  • edited April 2015
    They won't hold a charge for very long I do have the chargers yes and yes one mag a piece.

  • Sometimes I cannot get on the forums. is another way to reach me. Located in sequim.
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