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The Dark Brotherhood Wanting To Join Delta 7

edited October 2014 in Players
Team Name
The Dark Brotherhood
Number of Members
There are 3 of us.
Members Names/Ages/Years Airsofting
I am Christian Curtis I go by Raven on the field I am 14 years old and I have been airsofting for 2-3 years.
Jae Harrell he goes by Shadow on the field he is 14 years old and he has been airsofting for 2 years now.
William Drew he goes by Abbanon on the field he is 15 years old and he has been airsofting for 5 years.
Years The Team Has Been Together
We have been together for a few months now.
Reason For Wanting To Join D7
We have only been together for a few months now because we had really nobody to play with until we found this club that will allow teams to join and we really want to play with proffesionals and just have a lot of fun and hopefully make new friends while we are in this club.
What Your Team Goals/Aspirations Are
We wanna become the best of the best by learning from you guys, and see what you guys do to become awesome at airsoft.
What Impression/Look Is Your Team Going For
We stick to the shadows and stay quiet. Basically we go in quietly, kill the people, and get out. We are made up of one sniper (Jae) and two CQBs (Me and Will).
If you want to contact me, my number is 903-431-8750.

Thank You - Christian


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