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Gear For Sale

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So as many of you know I have not been out in awhile. Well I have made a hard decision. I am leaving airsoft. I have been thinking about this for awhile. As some of you may or may not know I have issues with my back, knees and shoulder. They just can't take the abuse anymore. I have had a great time with everyone. I will post pictures later this weekend. I have a boat load of stuff from gear to guns. Any questions you can comment here or find me on face book.  Like I said it has been a blast.


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    I have more stuff in the shop and will post more pics when I get it dug out. All the guns work except the full metal ICS mp5. not sure what is wrong with it. 1 abs mp5, 1 D-boys M-4, 1 shorty AK, 1 echo 1 G3, 1 JG AK and 1 KWA M4, 2 Sw M&P 40's with clips and matching lvl3 Serpa tactical thigh holster. There are a bunch of mid cap(120rnd) m4 and ak mags, 2 high cap ak mags and 1 high cap m4 mags.
    1 coyote brown double gun bag, 2 ess googles and 1 mesh google. 1 od green dump pouch. 1 od green ak chest rig, 1 od green plate carrier, 1 woodland camo backpack. Thunder b granade stuff, 1 brown tac sling. tac gloves size large. head mic with push button. 4 7.4v  2200mah lipo batteries with charger. And various mp5 acessories. Also an assortment of scopes and red dots as seen on and off of the guns.
  • More stuff. 1 coyote brown plate carrier(1000 D nylon), 1 desert tan ak chest rig uesd once,
    batteries and charger, 7 mid cap g3 clips, 5 high cap g3 clips, high cap mp5 clips single m4/ak molle mag pouch and 1 more SW m&p 40 i found in the case.
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    And now uniforms.
    The woodland top and bottom are truspec size large long, the combat shirt is by rap4 and is size large. the boonie is a 7
    the dcu top and bottom are size large long and are issue. boonies are 7 and 6 7/8.
    Marpat top and bottom are tru spec size small regular the boonie is a 7
    And the multicam top and bottom are truspec size medium long for top and medium regular for bottoms the boonie is a 7
    the multicam was worn once, everything else is in good to excellent condition.
  • Everything is open for negotiation and/or best offer with the exception of the KWA M4.
    the kwa is a $650 gun new and it has an $80 inner tightbore barrel, $60 supesor and a n $80 red,green,blue aimpiont. So if you own one or have used one you know the value and quality of the KWA M4. Also the AK is a sledge hammer. Not sure where I stand on the price for the kwa yet but a very reasonable offer will be considered.
  • Sorry to hear it.  

    I'd take some SW M&Ps off you if they are reasonably priced.  How much you want for all 3?
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    SW M&P 40's - Sold
    D-Boys M4 - Sold
    Serpa tac holster - Sold
    Thank you Alpine
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