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The Action Figures are up and running.

edited September 2014 in General

We can bring wheels, props, role players, and pyrotechnics to your game. Our next engagement is the Milsim West game in Camp Rilea on the 3rd of October. If you're going, stop by and say hi.


  • Awesome.  Looks like a great setup.  You should put on an OP locally.
  • We aren't putting on games yet but we are ready to add our capabilities to other game producers. We just got back from providing pyrotechnic support for the Milsim West game in Oregon.
  • Was it pretty amazing?
  • The range masters didn't let them go all out but it was pretty cool.
  • It actually turned out pretty good. We were a little limited both by Range Control and MSW. We did the mortar attack on Sunday if you were there Wolf. The big booms were ours, not the fireworks. 
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