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How do you guys organize games or what websites do you visit or what people do you talk to to be notified of upcoming games?


  • Most of the local weekly games are organized on Facebook via the Olympic Raiders page.  It's a closed group, though, so you'll need an invite.
  • I see, I would really like to get into more games. I don't suppose you or someone else could shoot me an invite, if that is possible? 
  • What's your Facebook name and profile picture?
  • is the link, my real name is Conor Beh, but I use Roger Airgood as a name I go by as well. The picture should be of a Huey with Roger Airgood in camo letters. 
  • This Saturday at Baker Farm Rd at 11:00am.
  • There is a game there tomorrow? 
  • "This Saturday at Baker Farm Rd at 11:00am."

  • I can't really make it to that one, have work. Is there one next week or in the future?
  • You will be added to the forum soon and game notifications will show up on Facebook.
  • Awesome, thanks a lot mate. I hope I can get out to play more and get to know some of you guys. 
  • What's your game experience? I.e. how long you been playing, load out preference, age, playing style?
  • I played a game about a year ago, then got a new rifle and played a game again a month or so ago(OP New Hope). I have an Echo 1 XCR-L in Tan as my primary, and a 1911 as my secondary. I wear either a set of ABU with an AF issue Tac Vest in woodland, or I wear woodland BDU's. From what little time I have played, I thought that being in a support role or marksman seemed fun. I have a red dot and bipod for my rifle.I am 15 and live out near Neah Bay, but still get into Port Angeles quite often. Anways, thats basically it. I am not very experienced, but eager to learn as I find airsoft very fun. I will hopefully be getting a set of multicam gear and a new chest rig and helmet, I am sort of trying to go for a PJ loadout. I hope I can meet some of you guys in the field. Have a good one!
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