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OP: New Hope

edited June 2014 in General
Vanguard 360 will be hosting it's next Operation on July 26th. OP: New Hope involves the current situation in Iraq with ISIS vs the Iraqi army and there US "advisers" This will be at the Elwha Gravel Pits and we are even hoping to incorporate buildings into this game! This is going to be a well put together game complete with mock "air support". Maps will be provided onsite for all players. We will be charging for this game $5 for entrance fee and we will have a raffle! Extra raffle tickets will be $2 a piece! The US Adviser team has been filled already! The Iraqi army and ISIS teams will be large. Please try to remain as close to accurate as possible. (IE AK's, M16's, M4's, SVD's for Both the Iraqi and ISIS forces) The Iraqi forces will wear DCU or ATACS. ISIS will wear woodland, black, or no camo. Sign up below!


  • Well im on the SF Adviser team already.. so yeah sick. This will be a fun OP
  • I think I'm going to be out of town for this one.  Would really like to attend, though.  Sounds fun.
  • 5 man crew for ISIS. Can't wait, last op was so fun.
  • I am fairly new to airsoft, only played one actual game, would I be able to attend or would I need a team? I have ABU's, woodland BDU's or choc chip and an XCR-L AEG. 
  • you can come on your own, if you wear the chocolate chip you can be on the Iraqi army i will put you on that team.
  • My mistake, I do not have choc chip, I went through my closet and could not find it, I sort of remember giving it to a friend a while back, is that a problem, or do I absolutely totally need DCU?

  • DCU is preferred, ABU will work tho.
  • By the way, what time should I be there? 
  • by 0930
  • I live out near Neah Bay, and dont get into PA a whole lot. Where is the Elwha gravel pits? Sorry for all the questions.
  • its off of Hwy 112, On elwha river road look for all the cars. 
  • How was it?
  • Made the best of a bad situation. lol
  • Oh?  details?
  • Well we went to the pit the usual one and they were working so that was a no go, got into another pit owned by same people so permission was granted, had no idea what was going on with the ao, knew nothing about it, ISIS had some experience in that area so it didnt work well for the US and Iraqi's. the whole "OP" was like 2 hours so we did some other stuff, but because we had to move locations no one wanted to pay. so it ended up being free
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