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Greener Pastures Sign Up

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Sign up here for OP Greener Pastures on June 14th.


  • 5 from Vanguard for US team. Contact me if you want help with planning. 
  • Great.  Will do.  
  • Myself plus 8 for insurgents
  • edited April 2014
    Date change to June 14th.
  • Trident and I will provide over watch for you jack bud in Marpat and me in the new Navy woodland digi camo. or tree tux.
  • so aor2?
  • 2 more wolves.
  • can I have reg pants and woodland jacket
  • yes. that would be accurate for taliban.
  • Boyce for insurgents, where is the meetup?

  • Woody is playing for insurgents
  • Jeff plus 1 for US.
  • I see the teams are all full up, but any chance of 2 more for insurgents? (myself plus one)
  • They aren't full. They will be adjusted to accommodate you. @Alpine can you add more slots so people don't think wer out of room?
  • Plus 1 American
  • Okay so for US team we are wearing desert or ACU. Can I wear my marine desert marpat?? I know woodland marpat are on opposite team. so will my desert digi work for US??
  • Its US Army Based Multicam, ACU, DCU. Unless you have nothing else Marpat is a no go for US
  • Please move Jeff and plus 1 to insurgents
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