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OP: Greener Pastures

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a TF214 production
Where: The Sandbox up Grauel-Ramapo Road
When: June 14th game starts at 10:30, be there by 9:30 to gear up

US Army (Multicam + ACU only)
Insurgents (Woodland Camo, including Woodland MARPAT)
PMCs (FG ATACS - changed)

Anyone who shows up in a different uniform will be asked to change or leave.  No exceptions.  If you show up in ACU pants and a black shirt, you will be asked to leave or change.  Uniform requirements are firm.  If your whole team shows up in Mulitcam shirts and White pants, you will be asked to change or leave.  Please plan accordingly.
FPS Limits:
400 with full auto
500 with bolt action 50 foot MED
Exceptions will be made for limited players

This will be a free OP.  We could use some volunteers to help plan the OP and run it.

US Team:
  1. Vanguard 1
  2. Vanguard 2
  3. Vanguard 3
  4. Vanguard 4
  5. Vanguard 5
  6. Munky
  7. Alpine
  8. Trident
  9. Outlaw

Insurgents Team:
  1.  Wolf
  2.  Wolf 1
  3.  Wolf 2
  4.  Wolf 3
  5.  Wolf 4
  6.  Wolf 5
  7.  Wolf 6
  8.  Wolf 7
  9.  Wolf 8
  10. Wolf 9
  11. Wolf 10
  12. Nate
  13. Woody
  14. Boyce
  15. Coldfool
  16. Coldfool 1
  17. Jeff
  18. Jeff 1

PMC Team:
  1. Bremerton
  2. Bremerton
  3. Bremerton
  4. Bremerton
  5. Bremerton
  6. Bremerton
  7. Bremerton
  8. Bremerton
  9. Bremerton
  10. Bremerton


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  • Be to the field by 9:30am.
  • Awesome game. Eagle1 did a great job writing it up and running it. Big props.
    Wolf did a good job running the Taliban team. That mountain was nigh impenetrable.

    Some highlights for me were negotiating for help from the Taliban and PMC and then getting instantly attacked by the Taliban.

    Peacekeeping is tough work.

    The last battle at the shack was sweet.
  • We should have breached the building they were holding up in.
  • good OP
  • They had the door locked and barackeded. Breaching would have involved breaking down the door. And then never getting to play airsoft there again.
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    Thanks to thunder for letting us use his jeep and the entire AO again this year. Thanks for everyone who came out. Keep looking for another up coming came around mid July. 
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