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OP Maple Leaf 4 Sign ups

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Sign ups for Maple Leaf 4.

Canadian - Light Camo
Taliban - Dark Camo/No Camo

Post which team you'd like to play on.  Please only sign up for light if you plan to wear light camo.


  • Light for Woody and i
  • FYI in case you forget.

    Light Camo: ACU, ABU, Desert Camo's and Multicam

    Dark Camo: Woodland, Tiger Strip, Marpat, DPM, and Fleck Tard!

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    what about AOR camo???

  • I'll there for Canada
  • Online AOR  it looks to be fairly light.
  • what about AOR camo???

  • Here we go again, put me down for dark/Taliban
  • I'm in with TF214, Nut is as well.
  • I have someone coming to be on Taliban/dark and another coming to be on light.
  • I am in with 214!!!!! I will have 1 with me that will be with 214
  • I'm in for light
  • im in but i only have dark camo
  • 3 for dark

  • put me in for light. maybe more later.

  • Jack we need to put up a sign up chart. We got lots of light! and like 5 dark

  • Check out the other post about maple leaf. I'm keeping the sign ups there.
  • Most of the OR are running dark but aren't wanting to sign up yet until they know they can go for sure
  • Hey guys I'm back and my dad and I are signing up for dark camo
  • 1 more for dark niggas! 
  • Sign me up! Put me where you need me. I prefer light. I'll be bringing 2, maybe 3.
  • I take that back send me to dark
  • Hmm... taliban... Maybe I should wear jeans and order a shemagh with some more bbs? def taliban though.
  • put me down for light. although I might need to borrow a light camo top from somebody.
  • I'm bringing five for dark
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    I'm down for the light side

                                                                _(~  ;
                                                              _(##    ;
                                        ___                 _(   ###   ;
                               __,-----'   `--.__         _( ##    ### ;
                   ,-.   _,---'  ,-,      ,      `---.   (##  ###    ###
                  //\\ -'       //~\\   , `           `--. ##   ###   #;
                ,'/""\`,--'~~`-'/ "";;  `                 `-.##   ###  ;
                (( "__;;  ,.,.,   ~~ ; ,                  ,  `.##   ##;
                ; '~_,-.      _,-'~~`-.`        ;         `,  ; ##   ;
               ;_.-'  _ `.   ;   _    `.     - `          ,`  ;  ## ;
             ;;   _,-'::-.: | ,-'::-._,|       _`         `   ; _,-'
    \      ; ;,-:::(0)::\; ./(0):::::::      '               |;
           ;  `.:::::,-'~)   (`-.::--.:;     '           ,    : --  ----
          ;    :~`-'~     \__\   ~~  ~.'    ;            `   ;
         ;      `-._    . (~..) `;_,-'      ;               ;    *
         .         ;`-`._ .`--'_;           ;           _,-'   
         ;     ;  ; `-.  `--'`-'  ;        ;\       _,-'         
         (    ;  ;     `-.____,--;     ;  _; `-,___(_     
          \      `-,_     ~~~~  ;       ;;    /    __}
           `._       `-.      ,-'    ; _,' ,-',,,-'

  • Looking to be a great turnout. I'm excited to dust the rust off and get out and play.
  • Yes, should be awesome.  The light side is looking a little thin, but we'll make up for it our ability to cheat.
  • Yes, should be awesome.  The light side is looking a little thin, but we'll make up for it our ability to cheat.


    Little bit of slippery dingo work you mean ;)

  • Punji sticks and Cu Chi tunnels.  I've been out there digging them all year.  
  • Im bringing another for light
  • put me down for light please
  • Sequim +1 to the darkside (not me) maybe more to follow.
  • edited June 2013
    Pin plus 8 (9 total) people confirmed for Light side.  Possibly more, stay tuned.
  • For those on the Taliban side, do your best to dress for the occasion.  I want to see some towels on heads and AKs in hands!  Bring everything you will need for the whole day with you.  We're not going ot have any official breaks.
  • I'd Like to go Dark.
  • im bringing three more for dark
  • Sad to say but I will not be able to make it. I am moving that weekend.
  • Move faster.
  • Directions? Is there going to be specified parking for each team?
  • My group and I are meeting in the PA McDonalds at 9:20 if you want to follow us there
  • i have one more for dark
  • will tan/khaki count as light camo?
  • Yes munky, but it better be obvious.
  • well illbe in summer pattern multicam but some peeps from sequim want to play for the light so theyre thinking tan/hkaki  with black gear
  • What about Ghillie?  I'd prefer to be on the light side.
  • We can make some exceptions for ghillies, but if your team shoots you, that's your own problem.  Team kills are still kills.
  • edited June 2013
    Update I just got all the numbers in.  I did some recruiting while I was at Operation Civil War for you guys and Phantom Force out of Bremerton is making a special trip to come out and play.  Now one of the members of Pf is the owner of Kitsap sports.  Jeremy told me to let you all know if there is stuff you want to buy at the game, let me know and I will see if he can bring it to game to be purchased.  He was going to set up a booth there but informed me today he would rather just go out and relax and play but will make things available if specially requested.

    They are a newer team and they have not yet got a light uniform so after talking with Corpuz, their leader, and Okaying with Alpine and Outlaw they will be all wearing tan/khaki with a black shirt to create dispersion (pretty much how Munky will be set up).  It will be very easy to recognize them as light and think its pretty cool they are pulling together these uniforms on such short notice.

    Phantom Force informed me they have 10 for Light.

    Fire Team Theta Dropped 2 slots due to work.

    Jeffthro has to drop out due to work.  He asked me to remove him from roster.

    All said and done change roster to 17 on light for PiN.  Which makes light: 31 and Dark: 28.  Pretty close to even.  If there is any more changes (which I doubt, but you never know) I will let you guys know.
  • I understand the friendly fire, last time I played with you guys I only got hit by a friendly once but it was because he didn't even see me.  I called the hits of course and found out there was an enemy guy on the other side of the berm I was laying on.
  • Take Blake off the Roster.
  • edited June 2013

  • We gonna be super serious bbwarz herozzz
  • I intend to "bring it" to this BB War in my entirely new multicam uni(which you a*holes better not get dirty).  Multicam allows me to not call hits as it is the superior camo.  
  • Never go full GMR...


    Is there assigned radio channels yet? I'm setting up commo cards and tac maps as we speak. We'll be experimenting with battletac this game as well. I'll get with Pin and the Phantom Force guys about call signs so we can reach them by radio. Light team will have a vehicle this game, I just got the go ahead for the transport trailer. I didn't want to mention it until I had confirmation. The vehicle will have a three man crew and can carry about 5-7 personnel for short distances. I'd suggest bringing grenade and rocket launchers if you have them. I have the vehicle rules that we used for the last game if you want to use them.

  • I've been chairsofting for the past 2 years....I might have forgot how to BBwar
  • @Gunslinger- do you even GMR? Do you even DEVGRU? DO you even Milsim? haha

    and AOR is Superior camo lol. 

  • I was at the lionclaws game when GMR got banned. Bro, do you even operate? I still stick with woodlands for around here. You guys got me back in ACUs for this one...sad day.
  • Serious?? Thats awesome, you will have to tell me more. you should have gone team dark haha
  • When we first started planning, light team needed people. We're too far along to change that. Was there ever a word on radio channels being assigned?


  • and will there be base camps for the teams?
  • I got a +1 for light team... Although we'll both be bringing a secondary dark uniform. 
  • You should just go dark
  • I'd certainly prefer dark, but I'd rather have even teams. 
  • At this point dark is the smaller team I believe.
  • Right now it's 31-Light / 27-Dark
  • Weasle go dark

  • I can change on the field if need be.  Gotta take no shows into consideration, and those folks are usually the 14 year-olds in M-81... ie dark team.

  • Damn 14 year olds!
  • Are you guys interested in having blanks fired at your game tomorrow? I have a rifle and blank fire adaptor. I ordered a pile of blanks for the last game and we got no go'd due to neighbors.
  • No real steel on the field please.  Radio channels will be assigned at the field. 
  • Property owner does not mind, up to the guys in charge of the event.

  • I'd rather keep the real guns off the field.  
  • Your call.
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    No Firearms on the field. 

    Fireworks, Firecrackers, Smoke Grenades, Shock Grenades are all good

  • Shock Grenades?
  • Stun, Shock...

    Those fake flash bangs that take a CO2 cartridge

  • I was just offering. Blanks are common practice at some of the bigger games. I just wanted you to know I had more to offer to add to the ambiance of the game. I also do professional pyro. Safety is always my top priority. So no worries. I won't bring anything extra.
  • Alpine,

    I intend to be there about 1015 with Cody and Nut. 

  • edited June 2013
    Not trying to cause any issues, I don't even carry them but I am curious.

    But why should they matter?  They can't injure you,  I've had the things go off in my lap and had no ill effects.  They are designed for use in airsoft.  Most teams use them as mock grenades along the rules "if they go off in 20 feet of you and your not in solid cover, your hit."  Almost every game in PNW has no problem accepting them.  Just wondering why your saying no.

    Smoke grenades, I get.  I have seen them start fires, if they are not the heat-less kind.  There are newer grenades the produce little to no heat when used.
  • Sorry...


    I intended to mean that all those things are okay.. accepted, and encouraged

  • Just watch the smoke. like you said, for fire
  • Okay, cool.  Thank you for the clarification.
  • I could tell you stories about the fireworks. There is a reason I wear a real helmet, I've had fireworks hit me in the head on the field

  • good game, but next time lets be honest about how many people a certain team is bringing so we can evaluate the teams. instead of signing up 10 and bringing 25. *cough cough* so we don't have to switch in the middle of the game causing confusion and friendly fire. 
  • Good fun.  Also I lost one m4 hicap (middle of the woods so I'm guessing its gone for good), and a Thunder B core. 
  • Great day! thanks to all that came out. big thanks to D7 for putting it on. also a huge thankyou to everybody on support with cameras and the technicals!
  • Had a great time, felt good to get back out.
  • Felt good to BB war again. I don't know what happened in regards to game results, but our squad was all over the place planting IED's.

    Thank you!
  • Everyone won. The end
  • I bought exactly what I counted. I hope that wasn't in reference to me eagle1.

    If you feel differently please message me privately and work the issue out with me.  :-)

    It was a good game. Thanks to Alpine and his crew for hosting and trying to help make everyone happy and have good time.  I hope to see more in the near future.  Jared, the IED's were insane.  I spent so much time clearing them, lol

    Both Fire Team Theta and Phantom Force extended there thanks for hosting.  Thanks for the exercise.
  • Yay! Everyone won!
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