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OP: Maple Leaf

edited March 2010 in Events
Attention: The AO has been moved to the "Endor" gravel pit.  This is the one west of Lake Cresent.
Directions can be found here
May 16th.  Report to the field at 1030 hours.  Play starts at 1115 hours.
Registration open for everyone.   Involves US forces trying to rescue Canadian forces, and the OPFor being jerks. US will be limited to D7 operators/initiates.  
If teams fill up, we can make more room.  Canadians may not get more space though.
Sign up for teams:
US Forces(DCU/ACU):
1. Ken P Team Leader

2. Buddy W Automatic Rifleman

3. Joe W Rifleman

4. Tim R Rifleman

5. Brude Rifleman

6. Dan Rifleman




Canadian Forces(Woodland BDU, Woodland MARPAT, or Multicam):
1. Luke B Team Leader

2. Nicholas T Rifleman

3. Nate C Rifleman

4. Parker Riflefman

5. Weasle8877 Rifleman

OPFOR(Anything except full Woodland or DCU):
1. Kenneth M Mullah Abdulla Hakim

2. Jack W OPFOR Commander

3. Collin W

4. Will G

5. Travis

6. David

7. David

8. Bryan

9. Gunnar

10. Merkwan

11. Thumper

12. Tootles

13. Bad Andy

14. Eighties

15. Chaplin

16. Ginger Spice

17. Broke Back

18. Ghost

19. Sean

20. Gordon

21. Karl

22. Chris W.

23. Liz



Click the link below to download a map of the field:


  • put me down on the US forces
  • .

    Put Nut and I down for ... well anything, but put us on the same team.
  • I adjusted the roster. This will be an OP where junior members of D7 play the heros. Heavy has rank and will get to be the US team leader. Yankee I need a solid leader for the Canadian.....the role is one of less glamour but I need an experianced  leader if your ok with that.
  • This is really a D7 lead op now then.  The majority of non-d7 people will be hanging out with Mouse and myself.
  • FPS Limits and things?  400 AEGs and 550 sniper rifles?  I think that's a standard setup.  We can bring our chrono.   We can make exceptions in certain cases. 
  • Maybe no FPS limits, but know what everyone's chrono'd at before we start.  And sign waivers, etc.
  • Put me in, I'll play whatever team needs me.
  • Brude I'll have you either roll OPFOR or Canadian. After we write a warning order and have and register to the public I'll let you know where I need you.
  • I will have chrono on site for op. We still need to lay out fps limits.
  • I would like to be out down as opfor.
  • Hey guys, put me where you need me! 
  • I'm good with being a Canuck.

    I imagine Nate will want to come out, he'd make a good op-for because of his lack of camo, although I think he went with mouse to the surplus strore (thanks for telling me you were going Kenneth, I could have used another hat)
  • Nate's got woodland camo on lock down. Sorry I next time I see if you wanna go. Trust me you'll leave with more than a hat!
  • edited April 2010
    im down. saving the date now. ill join canucks or i can roll opfor with my mp5
    edit: chad might tag along with his mp5 so im stuck with my m4 only woodlands for me no dcu yet.
  • Yankee, don't worry, I wasn't included either:*(
  • Attention! I have opened 2 more Canadian slots. More will be opened to US Forces if we get more confirmations.
  • Sign me up as a Canadian, hey.
  • Have you down as US already. Would you like to go canuck?
  • How big is this AO (Land).. I saw that it's a large gravel pit, is there folliage or is this a "working" gravel pit??
  • Fairly large for 20 people. It is a "working" gravel pit but there is some scrub brush and a tree line surrounding it. So far it has been the best area for desert style OPs.
  • If I could go canadian in my MARPAT (closer to CADPAT than woodland), then sign me up. If not, I'll ask Parker if he wants to be OPFOR.

    On another note, my one working gun is being extremly finiky, and it keeps locking up. If there is a gun that I could rent or barrow that would be great.
  • At this point we do not have rentals. We do have a member of D7 that is very good with guns. Perhaps we can have him take a look at your gun.
  • I think Woodland MARPAT works for the Canadian team.  I put you in on there. 
  • You can put Travis down as opfor
  • Do what you want with my squad....we don't honestly care.
  • How many and what are the names David?
  • 3-5 squadmates. A definite 3 for sure with Bryan Gallaugher, Gunner Gallaugher, and myself. I don't have a definite answer on the other two.
  • If there's still room put Parker down for Canadian. He'll be sporting MARPAT too.
  • I have two more of my DeMolay friends coming to play so I have a 5 man squad as of right now. We will be wearing woodland camo for the most part with the exception of a few. At our request we want to be together so if you cant put us all on one time for reasons concerning numbers then throw us down as an entire other faction.
  • edited April 2010
    The woodland camo team (canadians) is full already.  The only space left is on OPFOR.  You can wear *some* woodland, just not full uniform.  Woodland pants with a Metalica T-shirt or something makes a great OPFOR impression. I put you down for 5 on OPFOR and opened up 5 more spots.
  • AO has been changed to the Endor pit west of Lake Cresent.
  • Ok. so now that westport has really fucked me over I can no longer attend this event. If I can by some weird coincedence i can make it I will be a walk on opfor or something (might have dcu by then too) Ill keep you updated.
  • Yeah I'll toss some rags on or something or be an ex soviet spetsnaz hired by the jihads....I have a vietcong lampshade hat....we need some nam ops in the future.
  • Cool.  We have a spot open for Canadian now, and I posted a map of the AO at Endor.  
  • so your capping the event at 28? hmmm
  • WE can open up more slots as needed. Just the canadian numbers are capped i believe.
  • A team from Auburn has signed up to come, put them as OPFOR for now.

    Okay. Here are the guys that should be going.

    1. Thumper (Team CO)

    2. Tootles (Team XO)

    3. Bad Andy

    4. Eighties

    5. Chaplin

    6. Ginger Spice

    7. Broke Back

    8. Ghost

    9. Old Navy (Tentative, he might not get the day off work)

    10. Sean
  • Damn that's a lot of OPFOR. US and Canada it was nice knowing you! j/k
  • How do us canadians respawn? Also , if there are medics, I volunteer to be one.
  • looks like the U.S. forces just got to be a little more sneaky to win
  • ok looks like I can maybe attend lol. but I'll be a walk on for sure. Once this damn house is complete I will once again rain bbs on all of you...(although i am rusty)
  • Canadians will not have medics, but the US team will. 
  • Hm.  Endor is condusive to that.  I'm down.  Ken and I will have to talk about how that would work, but I think it would be cool.
  • Does anyone want to camp out there the night before that way we could set up and not be rushed.
  • .
    I think I should have a medic for the Canucks.

    Also Nate and I were thinking a walk through field would be good,.. So as we can hide better
  • Depends on the weather Mouse. 
    Yankee, medic doesn't really fit in with what the canadians are doing, but we'll talk about it. 
    Might not be enough time before the game to do a walkthrough.
  • weather permiting the cook and I will be camping
  • As an update on my guys I have myself, bryan, gunnar, merkwan, and another David. So yeah were camping? Should I bring a tent?
  • edited April 2010
    Sounds like some people will be camping.   Friday night Heavy?  or both nights?
    We also need more US forces to sign up.  ACU / DCU / Desert MARPAT is ok.  sign up!
  • edited April 2010
    more than likely it will be saturday night being that the 16th is on a sunday nbut who knows she might want to make a weekend of it
  • Oh ya... forgot it was on a Sunday... duh...
  • Still need more US forces.  If you don't have DCUs, I have a pair somebody can borrow, and I'm sure a few others have them to borrow. 
  • put Dan down for us forces he has his uniform
  • Ok, Dan is marked down for US. 
    Anyone have Travis or Gordy's contact info to ask if they want to play on the US team?
  • I've got a full set of ACUs, go ahead and mark me as US.
  • Quick update if your camping as of right now I have Collin  party of 3, Heavy part of 1, Nate and myself. Sounds like Collin might camp out there all weekend. Nate and I will head out Saturday after noon. It sounds like Archangel 6 might come out and camp too.
  • .
    I have a set of of DCU's I can bring out, I'll be in BDU's for the day.

    I'll be coming out early with Nicholas, most likely won't camp but I'll talk with him about it. After last weekend I think the Jeep is up for field work as long as we instruct people not to fire at it from close quarters, and snipers and Jack's reaper don't take pot shots at it. I was thinking I'd get it in and set up for start of game and go from there.
  • heavy party of two maybe four I'm brining the cook and probly dan and will
  • Zak, are you and the Sequim guys planning on attending?
  • To those who will be attending, if you have 3 color desert or ACUs bring them out in case we need to rearrange the day of. Same goes with woodlands.
  • im actually in the process of trying to find a new place to live and consequently working every chance i get so i probly wont be but the others might. obviously as opfor but i am definitely a walk on
  • Ok....I got 5 guys ready to go for this. First off one of my guys is wondering if its okay to wear full woodland but to just open up the jacket and wear some random shirt and then put a beanie on. Now second topic...I need a carpool for 5. Split us up like last time it doesn't matter but if my guys are gonna go then we need a carpool. We can meet anybody anywhere in town at anytime. And of course we will pitch in gas money.
  • You will want to get in contact with Collin probably David.  I think some of his family is heading out Sunday morning. 
  • Do you have his number? And would he even have room for 5?
  • I'm pumped!  I'll be camping out there Saturday night with a few of the other guys to get stuff set up, and maybe play some night airsoft. 
    See eveyone out there.
  • Ooorah! I'm Jacked up as well....looks like we will have great weather for camping too!
  • I contacted Collin and I cannot get a carpool from anybody want to help us....its just me, three other squad mates, and a big gun case.
  • Have fun guys, be safe! Sorry I can't make it.
  • Sorry David, I'm heading out Saturday.  Anyone heading out Sunday want to give them a ride?
  • Gas money still applies....
  • Me and Bryan have a ride out to endor so its settled now....but we do need a ride back into town.
  • Sorry for such late notice, but it looks like Parker and I won't be able to make it.
  • edited May 2010

    EDIT 2: if the archangels need a ride i got room for 3 leave me a message with a contact number cause ill check this one more time before i leave.
  • Hello! This is Mycol from the 13th Legion. Callsign Thumper, CO of said Airsoft Team.
    We just wanted to say thank you for not only a warm reception, but one hell of a battle. It was an honor and a privilage to play with you gentlemen, and I hope we can sneak down for future events. Hopefully next time I can drag the whole Team ^^;
    Even though it was one hell of a drive from Auburn, the view was damned well worth it, and the game incredibly Fun. So thank you.
  • I had a blast leading the OPFOR and pounding away at the Americans/Canadians.  We made them pay for every step they took. 
    Lots of plastic flew. 
    Glad to see 13th Legion show up, I know it was a long drive.  Hopefully it was worth it.  
  • Thank you to every one who came out and very happy to hear that every one had a good time and we hope to see the 13th Legion come out again and prehaps we can do a little team on team action.
    Lost a CO2 M9, went looking over the feild and couldnt find it, just checking to see if anyone might of grabbed it.
  • Anyone have comments/suggestions for us about this OP?  Ways to run an OP smoother in the future etc?
  • Given that it was only my second event that I've ever been to, I'd say it ran decently smooth. The only thing I would have done differently would be to have given the NATO forces a few more soldiers, as we OpFor handed them their collective asses. Maybe another three to six men (Basicly another fireteam) would have evened the score a touch. I do admit that the sheer firepower from the NATO side was freaking scary as hell. Listening to two LMG's chatter away at me while advancing under fire from Assault Rifles was a special feeling, and a shorts changing experience.
    I might also have given an objective to the OpFor besides light the NATO up like a Christmas Tree. I didn't mind that, but it certainly couldn't have helped.
  • I was confronted by Joe yesterday at the pit and I was informed of some complaints made against my guys involving hot dogs. I have already told Joe but everything was a big misunderstanding. Me and Bryan brought our own wieners to the game. The only thing we received from you guys was the sticks(which we were offered), buns(also offered), and mustard. So yeah I can understand where you guys would be coming from, you don't just go take someones food but we didn't do that and we wouldn't do that. Although I thank the kind lady who offered my guys the buns, stick, and condiments.
  • Yeah I wouldn't worry about David. That's the first I've heard anything about it.
  • I am planning to camp all day next to a tree...might even take a nap.  lol.  whos bring beer??
  • I am planning to go out on Sunday.  I can make room for four people and all the gear you got.  Gas money is nice and will be greatly appreciated but I am not being a jerk about it. My number is 360.775.0863. text me by friday. I am hiking all day saturday and wont have reception.   Trained To GO...Ninja Out.
  • Nevermind...wrong
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