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Joining Task Force 214

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Discussion on Joining Task Force 214


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    Required Kitlist:

    • OD uniform

    • OD Helmet or OD gunfighter cap

    • OD tack gear including chest rig

    • Radio

    • M4 variant rifle
    • Sidearm

    Recommended Kit:

    • Earpiece for comms

  • Team needs: 
    • Weapons Sergeant(Heavy gunner)
    • Engineer Sergeant
    We currently aren't recruiting, but if you have what it takes to kick ass alongside TF214, show us what you got.
  • To join TF214, write me a private message including the following info:

    Years Playing Airsoft:
    Current Guns/Gear:
    Reason for wanting to join:
    Special Skills you could bring to the team:
    Role you would want on the team:


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