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Joining Delta Seven

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If you would like to join Delta Seven, post your information here.  
If your team wants to join, include:
  • Team Name
  • Number of Members
  • Member Names/ages/years airosfting
  • Years the team has been together
  • Reason for wanting to join D7
  • What your team goals/aspirations are
  • What impression/look is your team going for

If you want to join as an individual hoping to either form a team, or join an existing team, include:
  • Name
  • Age
  • Years airsofting
  • Prior team(s) experience
  • What your personal goals for airsofting are
  • Specific team you want to start or join


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  • We will review this application.  Thanks for the interest!
  • thank you for your consideration. 
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    Seeing as how Archangel 6 is no longer around, the previous post are to be ignored. However the new team, 24th TMU, would love to join the D7 club. 

    Name: 24th Tactical Milsim Unit
    #members: 4

    Zennon Blake, 16yo airsofting 4 years
    Ryan Mudd, 16yo airsofting 7 years
    Matt Hendry, 14yo airsofting  3years
    Josh Hendry, 14yo airsofting 5 years

    Team just got together in the past few months from the remains of Archangel 6. the more skilled and into milsim players decided we wanted a strictly mil-sim team.

    we would like to join D7 to have a say in OPs, and to gain team running experience as our team is fairly new.

    our goals are to bring mil-sim to the younger airsofters and to make a good impression on the community and show that airsoft is a sport too. 

    our team members base their impressions off of USSOCOM and JSOC units. any are allowed. however the kit must be as accurate as possible. also the team standard camo right now is M81 woodland. for more information check out  our facebook at:  

    Thank you, we hope to be accepted. 

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