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Operation Maple Leaf 2 - June 26th

edited June 2011 in Events

Maple Leaf 2: June 26th @ near Joyce, WA

NO entry fee
Canadian + US Team: Light Colored Camo(ACU, DCU, Desert Marpat, ABU)
OPFOR: Anything but light colored camo.  

We will be doing a gun raffle.  Tickets will be $5 a piece, so bring some extra cash if you want in.  
There will be some food on site included with entry fee.   

Sign Ups are open.

Location of the field:

All the way up Graal Ramapo road near forks.  There will be signs directing you which way to go. 

(CO) Alpine
Throw the Pin
PG (driver)

(CO) Outlaw



(CO). David
A6 (14 slots)
Spectre - WART
Otter - WART
Thumper- WART
Ballzy- WART
Trashcan- WART
Pliskin- WART
Devin- WART
Old Navy- WART



  • Put me down for US right now?

  • Me down for canuck. Put chad down for OPFOR. I might have a +1.

  • A6 can fill most of OPFOR

  • @ Blake. David won't be there correct? If so who is running A6 while he's away?

  • David may be able to go, if he is away during the time of the OP Bryan G, Brandon N, or myself will be taking command. it depends on a few factors which of us it will be

  • David should be there..

  • Can you give me an estimate of numbers? We will be camping the night before if you guys want to do that too.
  • hopefully we will be around 15+ and i will check about the camping 

  • need to update the events page

  • viper us team
  • Cowboy for US or Canadian

  • I'm thinking we have D7 roll US forces.

  • Put me down as Canada please

  • if D7 is rolling as the us team then put me down for US

  • Add Outlaw, Spook and Bubbles to US FORCES

  • Ragdoll & Helmet for US.

  • At this point I'm gonna put you guys on the Canadian team US forces filled up quick. I was expecting less D7 to sign up. If we get more Candians we can do a switcharoo.

  • I be there stick me where ever. Ill be in ACUs.

  • From the blog about the event:

    After losing their supply line from Taliban forces, a remote Canadian supply outpost has been isolated.  The outpost is running low on ammo after many days of hard fighting.  They are in danger of being overrun by the local Taliban forces.

    Before losing radio contact, the Canadian outpost requested evacuation of themselves and sensitive information they are in possession of.  A U.S. Special Forces team already in the area has been dispatched via convey to a nearby area.

    The U.S. SF team must link up with the Canadians, secure the outpost, and evacuate all personnel before the outpost is completely overrun.

    There is a large Taliban contingent in the area, and their numbers are growing by the day.  This operation must be swift and forceful to be successful.

    About the OP:

    • Canadian and US forces will be wearing light colored (ACU, ABU, DCU, and Desert Marpat)

    • OPFor will be wearing Taliban attire (no light colored camo.  woodland and dark colors are ok)

    • There will be on site battery charging

    • No bb’s for sale on site

    • Bring lots of water and a lunch

    • Full sealed eye pro required

    • 400 FPS limit

    • Bring a deadrag

  • On fps what about snipers? Or we not going to have them?
  • I doubt we will be super strict on the fps. so if your normal gun is at 420ish thats fine. I would suspect snipers will have a engagement range and only maxing fps in the low 500s. At NvsS one gun chronod in the 800s! couple hundred fps more and its going as fast as a .22

  • o.0 is that safe?

  • We like to cap fps for guns at 400. Sniper tend to have hotter guns. I'd said bring your rifle for chrono and there will be a sniper briefing prior to start of the game. How does that sound?

  • We chronoed them first game I was at ,but sure why not.

  • I think I might be at the Hawaii Leadership Academy :(

  • Jack has hit me with is 500 gun. you know your hit.

  • There will only be a few snipers in the field for this one, we had more than enough last op I will decide when I see the turn out for shooters.

  • OK.. well I prefer to play a sniper thats kind what my gear is set up to do. 

  • I don't think I'm going to be at this one guys..I have to go to leadership Academy...this sucks!

  • Put me down for Opfor

  • Guess that means the rest of pg should be running opfor too. Put me down for opfor then. I'll wear black.
  • @Tank, bring both loadouts and we might move you around a little if you dont mind, that way if I can fit you in as a shooter you are good to go Hoo-Rha.

  • Will the A6 command staff  or the PG command staff be in charge of the OPFOR? if PG is coming that is.... we are good with either way.

  • Roger that Outlaw HOO-RHA and Blake talk with N8 on that since I might be jumping around and hes part of the PG leadership. 

  • I could go opfor to help out if needed too.
  • USA por favor signor!

  • Are there more spots available? I know my guys wanted to come back and hang with you again, especially since we were at the first one! 

  • Thumper I'm sure we can find room for your crew

  • Awesome. I'll start poking the boys and get you a solid number for the sign up soon. ^^

  • Put me down for whatever needs filled.  I'll bring a couple different sets of Camo

  • How many operators do you guys want/need or will allow me to bring? I'll start to wrangle up the boys and start making the plans. Also what uniforms do you want us to bring etc. 

  • I going to purpose a new venue for Maple Leaf tomorrow at the team meeting.

  • def should have lots of ppl there. perhaps Thumper could invite Task Force Striker...? haha 

  • We are going to have a new location, one that hasn't been played before, Mouse and I checked it out with our host.  If it swings it will be really cool, lots of different ways the scenerio can play out

  • were is it?

  • Secret, I will say it is within 20 minutes of PA, on Private Land, and a huge Venue

  • awesome

  • If possible i would like to join in on this game. im sure there will be others following me

  • Well I will be on my 6th day of hell at the NJROTC Hawaii Leadership Academy when this all happens. With saying that I believe now my XO Notar is in charge of OPFOR unless PG takes that leadership role? I'll be getting screamed at Senior Chiefs, Petty Officers, a few Marine Sgts, and all that such. woop de doo! haha well...good luck to my guys! Zennon, remember that you are under Notar and render him the proper respect..but help him out. You and him are my officers at this OP.

  • got it

  • Sucks to be you David.  If you guys want to plan an OP for later in the year, that would rock.  

  • Looks like the Canadian team got a bit small a whole sudden.  This is turn out to be interesting...

  • We can discuss it....I have some good ideas. 

  • Yeah it does suck...dang navy had to go and ruin my fun! But yes, I do believe that would be a grand idea. Blake, lets get the staff together and start working on plans for an OP. How does August sound guys?

  • Ninja is ready to serve any any capacity.  I will fight with vigor.  Let me know where I can best serve the Operation.  Ninja Out

  • After a recent turn of events it seems I now no longer will be going to the leadership academy. I lack the funds. So I shall re-assume my position as commander of OPFOR. I ask this now, I require a master roster of all OPFOR personnel or for now a list of the units working with A6 at this event. I don't need it immediately, but sooner is better than later.

  • Please sign up Spectre and Otter from WART for the dark side.  Thank you!

  • Done.  

  • Anyone else have a sign up solidified?  

  • Please sign up Thumper, D.B., Ballzy, Trashcan, Pliskin, Devin, and Old Navy (WART members) for dark.  Thank you!

  • Sweet.  Signed you up.  See you guys there!  The venue has changed, but it is about 15 minutes West of Port Angeles.  More details to come.

  • Would you send me a pm on the wart web site - Otter - with the new address please so I can send it out to everyone?

  • Could I get one on the same website?
  • I will be there
  • Ninja Will Report for Duty.
  • Please also sign up Chaplin and Diesel for Dark please ^^
  • Put you on the Canadian side Ninja.  
    Added Chaplin and Diesel to the OPFor team.  
  • I need a list of people who intend to play as a sniper. There are limited spots for this position so contact me for requirements and uniforms for the same.

  • Also is there camping?
  • looks like I'm going to have to miss this one sorry


  • Shit, well we will have to find a saw gunner. You will be missed.


  • I still need anyone who wants to play as a sniper or use a sniper rifle to contactme ASAP. If you do not prior to the op you may not be able to field that platform I have already spoke with thumper, so any other team involved needs to contact me soon.
  • A6 CO David will take a DMR roll. also will there be vehicles at the game?
  • The details of the scenerio aren't going to be revealed until day of, or shortly before. 

  • Outlaw, I may go Sniper. It depends on if I can get a battery pack by then. Ninja. I have a sniper rifle with my group but they will not be dug in. the will be moving with group.


  • I need to know if that is a for sure because that squad is so small you only have on slot on that squad. Opfor is already full and yours truly will be the shooter for the US. But I may add more slots if we get more players.
  • I am hunting down a lipo battery and charger for my M4. I have check website and still shopping. I may just have to get you to soder up the one that is broke...
  • When you get a lipo make sure you get the 7.4.   the 9.6 will destroy an unupgrade gearbox.
  • Get the 11.1. But if you go with a 7.4 might has well get a 9.6 nimh

    the 11.1 will destroy it to. basic stock components can't take the higher voltage lipos. but if the internals are upgraded and solid I would go with the 9.6 lipo. the higher the battery the more life you take from your internals. there is no need for a 11.1 unless you want a mini gun(or play speed ball).

  • I've shot a speedball gun that was built for high rof and ran an 11.1. It was ridiculous. But was telling him to get the 11.1 as a joke. Anyways.....
  • 9.6v = lifepo not lipo. 

    lipos are quite a bit more potent than lifepos. 
  • Location of the field:

    All the way up Graal Ramapo road near forks.  There will be signs directing you which way to go. 
  • If you have signed up, make sure to let me know if you won't be attending.  
  • We are waiving the entry fee.  Free for all.
  • Is the raffle still happening?
  • What about the food? I need to complain about free stuff.
  • Change of venue changed some of our camping/bbq plans.  Not sure on the food option yet.  
    Mulling over the raffle still as well.  Will know in a few days.  

    You get the day off for it Jrad?
  • Oh yeah!
  • Are we still able to camp?
  • there are campsites nearby ( 10 to 15 min drive from site). However I do believe that camping on site at this location is a no go.
  • Camping is avail about 10 minutes away at Salt Creek Recreation.  Nice county park down the road from the field.  

    Raffle is still on and I'll bring a bunch of water and some other stuff to the game.  
  • OPfor parking will be to the left.  Canadian parking to the right.  There will be signs.  Print out a waiver and bring it with you signed. 

    US team is going to carpool to the OP.  Outlaw will get ahold of the US team to figure this out.
  • we will take two cars to the op. the getto van and one other.
  • There is only a couple of deep mud puddles on the access road, you should be ok :) 
  • I need to get the us team together next week and set up team positions date to follow.
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