OP: Maple Leaf 4

    1. When: June 30th
      Show up by 945. Game starts at 1030. Have your gear loaded and ready to rock, or load it quickly. We’re not going to spend 2 hours getting ready.
      We will do a short walk through of the area, a safety briefing and then get to the OP.

Where: The Sandbox up Grual Ramapo Rd.

Details: A small Canadian detachment has stayed behind in Kandahar Province after the rest of the Canadian military pulled out in 2011. Their mission is to support the local militias in establishing control of their region over the Taliban. With little to no support, they are on their own for weeks at a time. Supplies are limited to what can be scavenged and what the U.S. air drops in.
Locals are reporting the Taliban are mustering a large force to remove the Canadian force once and for all. Without another resupply planned for 6 more days, the Canucks must hold out with everything they have.

For sign ups go to http://deltasevenairsoft.com/forum/discussion/762/op-maple-leaf-4-sign-ups#Item_1

D7 Top Shots

Viper taking the Top Rifle spot.

Delta 7 has three top shots. Collin(Outlaw) took the Top Pistol Shot in a very difficult course. Gordon(Viper) took the Top Rifle Shot in what proved to be a very unforgiving marksmanship test. Jack(Alpine) took the Top Moving Shot on the course that almost took the CO out for good.
Great performances from everyone in attendance. It was a lot of fun.

OP: Maple Leaf a success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our  OP last weekend.  We had a blast, even with the few minutes of torrential downpour and having to move locations mid-battle.  Great turn-out with about 35 people playing.  Look forward to more events from Delta Seven in the near future.

The players in OP Maple Leaf

A special thanks to ESS for sponsoring us too!

D7 Members in attendance

ESS Goggles

Thanks to ESS Goggles for sponsoring Delta Seven!  The new cortex clip profile goggles are great.  No fogging in the 3 games we’ve used them.   This photo is about half of D7 wearing our new swag.

Afghan OPFOR Impression Guide

This is for those of you that will be registering as OPFOR for April’s event. The event has not been posted yet but will soon be released to the public. I say in many of my posts I’m tired of seeing woodland camo. So those of you that plan on signing up as the OPFOR in April here is a guide on how to put together your impression. The first thing I noticed with the Afghan rebel look is that there is more white then I care to wear in combat, but I also notice lots of earth colors too. It seems that all have some type of head wrap. If you have a shamag that would probably due. If you can cover your face that would be awesome, but crazy facial hair is a plus. Please do not use spirit gum and pubes.
Looks like AKs and commie weapons are a bonus but not required. Bolt-action sniper rifles wrapped would be good substitute. I just want throw it out there so you have great impression. Event will be posted soon.

Game Types

A few of the game types we play on skirmish days:

Everyone starts in one spot. The play area is generally small with set boundaries. One person starts counting to 10, and everyone disperses to get some cover. At the count of 10, the game starts. If you are hit, you go to the person who hit you, and you are now on their team. Generally it is good to yell out the names of the people on a team when the team changes. If you are hit when you are on a team, only you move to the other team, not your whole team. The game ends when everyone is on the same team. Generally we play this on semi-auto, so you don’t put too many bb’s into people before they head to your team. When moving to the other team, make sure it is obvious you are “out”. Gun in the air and all that. This is a great way to end the day; it gives you a lot of trigger time.

One team defends a location where they have planted a “bomb” with a timer. Generally 45 minutes to an hour is set on the timer. The other team must attack and defuse the bomb before the time runs out. Respawns for the attacking team, but probably not for the defending team, unless they have limited spawns. Their respawn should also be far away from the bomb site.

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