ESS Profile Googles a year in review

ESS Profile GogglesDelta Seven has been using the ESS Profile Googles with Cortex Clip for about a year now.   All in all, they are great googles.  Great vision and low amounts of fogging.  The Cortex Clip has met with mixed reviews.  It does offer nice protection for your nose and from a bb entering the goggle through your nose area.  Some users have found that with the clip removed, the chance of fogging goes down significantly enough to warrant the lack of safety.  Other people have removed the clip for esthetic reasons.  It really does make you look like a clown.  Since airsoft is about 75% fashion shown, looking like a well geared up clown can be off-putting.  I(Alpine) personally have removed my Cortex Clip and don’t want to put it back on.  The goggles are amazing without it.  I’ve all but converted from my mesh goggles to the ESS Profiles because they just work that well.  The improved vision over mesh is worth the very small chance at fogging.

Overall the ESS Profile Goggles are a great piece of kit.  If you’re willing to pay $200 for a gun, why compromise on eye protection?  Most wounds will heal, but not losing an eye.  Spend the cash up front and get good eye pro, you’ll be glad you did.

Delta Seven wants YOU!

uncle samIn the recent months our organization has grown bringing more and more people into our sport. It has been Delta Seven’s goal to bring like-minded players from around the Olympic Peninsula together. With that being said we still keep looking for new members that would like to experience true Mil-Sim airsoft. Delta Seven has no membership fees the only requirement is that your gear matches ours. If that is a problem we will go over on case-by-case bases. Remember our goal is not to discourage but to promote our sport. If you are interested in joining or would like more information please comment below.

Port Angeles Airsoft

Port Angeles is a great place for airsoft.  Our natural vegetation makes great cover and works well for concealment.  Mountains on one side, and salt water on the other, we have a nice variety of places to get out into the woods.  Douglas Firs and sword ferns make great places to hide from your opponent.  The various fields we have access to range from muddy riverbeds, large open gravel pits with sage brush, to old growth forests with fern undergrowth.  It’s a great place to play!

What branch are you portraying?

We are based off a being members of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM or SOCOM). We include members portraying Navy Seals, Army Delta, Air Force Para-jumpers and Marine Force Recon special forces groups. This means we have a lot of leeway in which branch you get to choose if you join Delta Seven. This also gives us a bigger advantage in gear selection. We don’t have one set branch we have to base our gear off.

To learn more about USSOCOM, view the wikipedia entry.

We are recruiting!

We are recruiting mature, easy going, active players. You must be willing to participated at least twice a month in airsoft games, and attend a weekly meeting. View the rules section for further information about the requirements.

Recruits start out as E1 ranks in their respective service(we are a joint branch team with members representing the Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Army). Being admitted to the team does not mean promotion, but in most cases it does.

The benefits to joining are being able to travel with the team to events, to help with our own events, and to help grow airsoft in the Port Angeles / Olympic Peninsula area!

Hope to see you out there!

Olympic Peninsula Airsoft

Washington airsoft in and around the Olympic Peninsula is alive and well! Various teams on the peninsula, including Delta Seven, found in Port Angeles, and other local teams from the PA/ Sequim area. Our friends at Battlesim can found in Tacoma, WA and a few other teams in the Kitsap / Bremerton area are playing regularly. If you would like more information about airsoft in western washington, send an email to See you on the field of battle!