OP: Maple Leaf 4

    1. When: June 30th
      Show up by 945. Game starts at 1030. Have your gear loaded and ready to rock, or load it quickly. We’re not going to spend 2 hours getting ready.
      We will do a short walk through of the area, a safety briefing and then get to the OP.

Where: The Sandbox up Grual Ramapo Rd.

Details: A small Canadian detachment has stayed behind in Kandahar Province after the rest of the Canadian military pulled out in 2011. Their mission is to support the local militias in establishing control of their region over the Taliban. With little to no support, they are on their own for weeks at a time. Supplies are limited to what can be scavenged and what the U.S. air drops in.
Locals are reporting the Taliban are mustering a large force to remove the Canadian force once and for all. Without another resupply planned for 6 more days, the Canucks must hold out with everything they have.

For sign ups go to http://deltasevenairsoft.com/forum/discussion/762/op-maple-leaf-4-sign-ups#Item_1

Vietnam Loadout Guide

After getting some good feedback about Delta7 hosting a Vietnam Event, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a guide of things one might need or want. Sometimes vintage gear can be spendy but I’m here to tell you that it’s out there if you look and you do have to break the bank for a quality impression.
Here are a few examples.
A Viet Cong or VC load out can be as simple as some old black ER scrubs or a black set of BDUs. Head wear can be as simple as a bandana. Don’t have an airsoft gun from the AK family? Then perhaps you can use a Thompson or an MP40.The VC used many types of weapons early in the war. Have a modern bolt action rifle just wrap it in burlap and call your self a VC sniper.
A General infantry or GI load out can be a little more challenging but not impossible. Every one has a crazy uncle somewhere that might have some OD green fatigues or an old steel pot helmet. Old Alice gear with M16 pouches should do the trick and can be found for around $15-$20(Chances are you might like them better than you $60 chest rig for those modern games). If you don’t have a VNM16 use your M4 without all the bells and whistles. It doesn’t have to be perfect just close.
For a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol or LRRP see above just replace the OD green with Tiger Stripes and loose the helmet. EDRL would work to. What’s EDRL you ask? EDRL is Woodlands Camo’s daddy. Prior to 81 it was what the US army was using. Chances are you may have EDRL and you don’t know it.
The North Vietnamese Army or NVA is much like the VC load out. Using tan or khaki colored dickies or BDUs should work. Typical weapon is AK47 with a Chicom chest rig. Head wear can be a pith hat (like a safari helmet) or a boonie hat with ferns, brush or leaves shoved in it.
I hope this helps you choose a team for this years Nam event. Questions comments or concerns?Please visit the forum.

OP: Maple Leaf

At 2005 hours zulu time, a small contigent of Taliban rebels have made their way into the area. It is believed that Taliban forces will be attempting to cut off supply lines to Nato forces in the area, and launch small arms and mortar attacks.

U.S. Army intel reports that Mullah Abdulla Hakim is leading a small militia from across the Pakinstan border. Hakim has setup an operating post allowing the Taliban to call in mortar strikes.

Be aware that there are many nomads and shepherds in the area. This will make it harder when engaging the enemy. These sheperds may be able to provide intel on Hakim’s whereabouts.

A small multi-branch U.S. special forces unit will be sending a 6-8 man team on a patrol of the area. They must secure any Taliban weapons, communications, and intelligence. Attempt capture on high ranking Taliban fighters, including Hakim. A Canadian led patrol was last sighted in the area, but has not been in contact for 12 hours.

May 16, 2010. Report to the field at 1030 hours. Play starts at 1115 hours, so be on time. The playing field is the gravel pit at Endor.  Check the forums for directions if you haven’t been there.  It’s about 45 minutes west of Port Angeles.

Print a waiver, fill it out, and bring it to the field the day of the OP.

There is no charge, and is a play at your own risk event.

Camo Requirements:
Canadian: Woodland or Multicam
OPFOR: Taliban impressions, no full DCU, ACU, Woodland, or Multicam. Mismatch camo is ok, see our OPFOR impression guide.

For more information, and to sign up, go to our forums.

Afghan OPFOR Impression Guide

This is for those of you that will be registering as OPFOR for April’s event. The event has not been posted yet but will soon be released to the public. I say in many of my posts I’m tired of seeing woodland camo. So those of you that plan on signing up as the OPFOR in April here is a guide on how to put together your impression. The first thing I noticed with the Afghan rebel look is that there is more white then I care to wear in combat, but I also notice lots of earth colors too. It seems that all have some type of head wrap. If you have a shamag that would probably due. If you can cover your face that would be awesome, but crazy facial hair is a plus. Please do not use spirit gum and pubes.
Looks like AKs and commie weapons are a bonus but not required. Bolt-action sniper rifles wrapped would be good substitute. I just want throw it out there so you have great impression. Event will be posted soon.

World War 2 Airsofting


If you are like me you might want to dabble in the mysterious world of World War 2 airsoft. But where do we begin? Do we start by looking at two or three companies that make overpriced guns? Or do we start to shop for a uniform that cost just as much if not more than our modern assault rifles. Well this all depends on how far you want to go. I myself am not involved in World War 2 airsoft but I constantly find myself looking at the expensive gear wonder why not. So in this post I’m going try to help eliminate some of your online foot work.

For starters with a little bit of online research you can find some Washington State WW2 airsofters if you are in fact look for a group to play with. Getting involved with a team or group helps you nail what impression you want to go with whether it be Allied or Axis. (Disclaimer: Delta Seven is a Modern Team)
Second, what type of gun should you buy and what is a good price? The first thing I can tell you about this is that we live in the North West and the North West hates gas powered guns. Also as far as I know there are no M1 Garands or Carbine on the market that are electric. The 98ks are not sound for combat as well. So once again it’s all about how determined you are. M14s can be converted to look like and M1 but it will take some technical know how. Or you could find someone online who builds these guns and throw some money their way.
Let’s not forget the most important part of your impression the uniform. If you Google search WW2 uniforms or gear you be sorely discouraged in a short amount of time. I did however find a solution to the uniform blues. Settle for less. If you limit yourself to let’s say German m43 field tunic you are looking at shelling out quite a few clams. Now I did happen to find some Norwegian and Swiss Tunics for a fraction the price. With a little detail work and some help from your Grandma or your Aunt Tilly you can create a very nice impression for under $100. Same goes for Allied impressions. Let’s say you are looking for a 101 airborne impression. Take some matching colored BDUs and sew some leather on the knees and elbows.

In conclusion I hope I haven’t shot down any ones dream about World War 2 airsoft. I hope that I have helped you in that quest to create that prefect impression. If you have question, comments, or suggestions please comment below or hit up http://deltasevenairsoft.com/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=7

Delta Seven wants YOU!

uncle samIn the recent months our organization has grown bringing more and more people into our sport. It has been Delta Seven’s goal to bring like-minded players from around the Olympic Peninsula together. With that being said we still keep looking for new members that would like to experience true Mil-Sim airsoft. Delta Seven has no membership fees the only requirement is that your gear matches ours. If that is a problem we will go over on case-by-case bases. Remember our goal is not to discourage but to promote our sport. If you are interested in joining or would like more information please comment below.

Future Event, Looking for Players

We are going to attempting another OP in the coming future. Our first one went off quite well and we are going to temp a second. For those of you that are unfamiliar our OP runs off a plot line for the day. This insures that down time is to a minimum. So don’t feel to bad if your team doesn’t win (Because it’s all about shooting each other, right.)We are looking for local players that want to take airsoft to the next level. So in the next month we are going to try to put together team rosters. If you want to come out and play email the team leaders and we will set you up. Remember this is free event so bring your gear.