Airsoft Roles: Grenadier or Heavy Weapons

I was going to write an article talking about the role of the grenadier on an airsoft team, but found an article that sums it up better than I could have.

Remember, sometimes just the sight of your Launcher system will cause a squad to back up. Learn your weapon’s capabilities, utilize it safely and effectively on the field and stick to it. There are very few true Airsoft Grenadiers on the field due to the limitations of the Airsoft Grenade Shell/Launcher system, but it can be one of the most promising/rewarding roles to play in a skirmish/operation.

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Review of Dboys KAC PDW

Dboys PDW

First Impressions
Gun First Impressions

I ordered this from Airsoft Megastore for $180. It took about a week to come as it was just after xmas, and they were really busy. The box was pretty small and light.

First Impressions
Upon opening the box, the gun is really small, and light, but feels solid. It did not have the peq or forgrip installed yet, so it felt tiny in your hands. Once you slap the forgrip and peq box on, it adds a little weight, but I would guess it’s still under 4lbs. Amazing for a CQB gun! The outter barrel was a bit wobbly when I got it out of the box, but there is an allen screw on the bottom of the body you can tighten. Fixed it perfectly, no wobble.

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Game Types

A few of the game types we play on skirmish days:

Everyone starts in one spot. The play area is generally small with set boundaries. One person starts counting to 10, and everyone disperses to get some cover. At the count of 10, the game starts. If you are hit, you go to the person who hit you, and you are now on their team. Generally it is good to yell out the names of the people on a team when the team changes. If you are hit when you are on a team, only you move to the other team, not your whole team. The game ends when everyone is on the same team. Generally we play this on semi-auto, so you don’t put too many bb’s into people before they head to your team. When moving to the other team, make sure it is obvious you are “out”. Gun in the air and all that. This is a great way to end the day; it gives you a lot of trigger time.

One team defends a location where they have planted a “bomb” with a timer. Generally 45 minutes to an hour is set on the timer. The other team must attack and defuse the bomb before the time runs out. Respawns for the attacking team, but probably not for the defending team, unless they have limited spawns. Their respawn should also be far away from the bomb site.

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Playing it Real

Playing it real can be a good way to spice up your airsoft games. What it means is not calling hits, but falling or acting dead. Usually a dead rag is a good accompaniment to make sure you don’t get shot again.

The advantages are that it makes a game more realistic and can add some extra difficulty. If you’re playing a game and the person you are shooting at goes down but doesn’t yell “Hit!”, you don’t know for certain if they are dead or alive. This means you either have to go check their body or assume they are still alive.

This can also help on a covert mission. If you take out an enemy silently(sniper or quiet springer), the rest of their team might not even know they are dead. Radio communication is needed on a larger scale if you are playing “keep it real”.

This style of play can also add some fun. If I shoot somebody and they yell out and die horribly, its more fun than them just yelling “Hit” and walking off.

Generally when you die in this type, you stay dead where you died. You wouldn’t get up and leave the combat area until the battle has passed you.

Try it next time you go airsofting, it adds fun to the game, and can add fun to getting hit!

New Rank Requirements

Every wonder why certain people in D7 are the rank they are? Now you can find out what the requirements for each rank are at our updated Ranks page.

Start prepping your gear and coming to events/scrim days and rank yourself up! Or join the team by getting to know us at local games.


Congratulations to our members who were promoted last night.

Ken Patton to E6
Collin West III to E5
Carl Rohde to E3
Nicholas Thompson to E2
Tim Rypl to E2
Joe Watson to E2

Thanks for your hard work, keep it up!

Airsofting in bad weather

Playing airsoft in bad weather can be a very rewarding experience. Rain can add realism to a South American themed operation. Snow can bring a lot to a game portrayed in Russia or Alaska. Sometimes you don’t have much choice about the weather you are playing in. The OP must go on! Having the correct gear and knowledge can help you have a good time in bad weather.

The first thing to know about cold weather and using an airsoft gun is that gas blowbacks will not work as well as they do in warm weather. If the temperature is below 55 degrees F, green gas/propane will lose its effectiveness and drop the FPS of your gun. This applies to 203 grenades as well. CO2 holds up better to cold weather, so if you have a CO2 pistol, you will be better off. An effective solution to cold weather and green gas, is to keep your mag in your pocket to keep it warm. You can also put a hand warmer in with your gun in your holster.

Cold weather can effect AEGs as well. The cold will lower your battery life. A battery that normally gets you through a full day of play might only make it half-way through. Keep extra batteries around or keep your batteries warm if possible. Another problem with cold weather and AEGs(all airsoft guns), is that the hopup rubber can get cold. This will cause your first few shots to not hop at all. After a few shots the rubber will warm and up hop the bbs. Just remember that if you haven’t shot in a while, your rubber will get cold again.

Rain is not much of a problem for gas blow backs, just dry them out after use and apply some lube where needed. AEGs on the other hand can suffer from play in rain. If you let too much moisture get into your body or need the wiring you could have a short. This is rare, so just be aware of it. Clean and dry your gun after use in rain and you should be fine.

Along with the realism that bad weather can add to airsoft, it can have other advantages. Rain can add ambient noise, which can help you to sneak in woods games easier. Snow can let you track people, or hide you in a snowstorm.

When playing in cold weather, you will want to have the proper gear. The universal item you need is a good pair of boots. Boots will help you in all weather and keep your feet warm/dry. A good set of BDUs can help you in all cold weather conditions too. They work fairly well to repel rain and keep you warm. Add a set of long underwear to your kit and you’ll be sitting pretty. A boonie hat can be a lifesaver in the rain too. They work well to keep the rain off your face and neck.

Snow can add a bit of a problem on choosing what gear to wear. Is the area you are playing in heavily forested or open? If it is forested you can get away with wearing regular woodland camo and be fine 90% of the time. If it is a more open field, you will stick out in woodland camo. A white poncho can help a bunch and keep you dry. Or you can go all out and get snow camo.

Playing airsoft in bad weather can be a lot of fun, and add a little something to a game that might otherwise be “just another scrim”.

OE Tech MPS Plate Carrier Review

Table of Contents:
Rig Information
Build Quality

A week ago I received the OE TECH MPS Combat Chest Armor that I ordered from AirsoftGI. This product had been out of stock for a few months due to manufacture difficulty. Once it came back in stock, I ordered it right away with a few extra pouches. It is $60 and is a great deal.

Rig Information
The rig is sold as “chest armor”, but it is really a plate carrier. It comes with two fake foam plates, one in front and one in back. It also has 6 built in triple M4 pouches. With nothing on it, it can hold a staggering 18 M4 mags! What a value for $60 bucks. Most plate carriers in that price range don’t have any pouches or real estate for mags, those pouches cost extra. There are two buckles, one on each side, to get in and out of the carrier.

The back has plenty of MOLLE space for a hydration pouch and a few other pouches. I have a hydro pouch on it, which another large pouch on top of that. The front has two MOLLE spots. One above the mag pouches and one below. There are only three rows per spot and most pouches take 4, so there is a bit of an issue with MOLLE space on the front. If you use smaller pouches such as grenade pouches you will be fine. The radio pouch I got takes 4 slots so it does hang down a bit on the front. We’ll see how that works out.


Build Quality
The build quality is great. This product is part of OE Tech’s new line of 1000D cordura gear. The clips are plastic, so that could be an issue if they are shot too many times, but they are thick. There is a nice amount of stitching on the MOLLE, and it doesn’t look like it is going anywhere.

Great price for a plate carrier
Built in AR pouches
Comes with fake plates
1000D cordura material
Lots of MOLLE on the back

Not enough MOLLE real estate on the front
Plastic clips could break if shot
Excess shoulder straps, need to be cut

Great looking plate carrier with plenty of mag space. Lacking on front MOLLE, but makes up for it in build quality and space on the back. This carrier is going to replace the UTG tac vest that I have been wearing. I am excited to have more breath ability on my upper torso and not be stuck wearing a belt on my rig unless I want it. This rig is as nice as I expected and looks/feels great. Nice job OE Tech.