Tru Spec Combat Shirt Review

Tru Spec Combat Shirt

A lot of local players have been switching to Tru Spec Combat Shirts.  They are a great piece of gear.  The middle area is like a poly/cotton tshirt, while the sleeves and back are more like a BDU/ACU material.  This combo offers you protection in the arms, while keeping your core cooled off.

There are included pockets with hook and loop patch locations on both sleeves like any modern combat uniform.  The elbows are reinforced with an extra layer of cordura material and look like they can take a good deal of punishment.

The Army and Marines are issuing these shirts (ACU and MARPAT respectively) to all in tour soldiers as they provide great benefits when worn with a tac-vest or plate carrier to keep you cool even in high temperature weather.

If it’s good enough for the Army, it’s (generally) good enough for me.  I of course don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, so opted for a better color for the local fields and went with the full OD shirt.  There is (I think) a Woodland sleeved variation of this shirt, but it is harder to find.  There’s also a Woodland MARPAT version as well, as MARPAT is a very popular camo locally for the woods.  There’s a Multicam version too, but guess what?  It’s $20 more than the other colors.  Another reason not to use Multicam.

I purchased mine from for $49.95.  They also sell the Tru Spec Tactical Pants for $39.95 to match the shirt.

ESS Profile Googles a year in review

ESS Profile GogglesDelta Seven has been using the ESS Profile Googles with Cortex Clip for about a year now.   All in all, they are great googles.  Great vision and low amounts of fogging.  The Cortex Clip has met with mixed reviews.  It does offer nice protection for your nose and from a bb entering the goggle through your nose area.  Some users have found that with the clip removed, the chance of fogging goes down significantly enough to warrant the lack of safety.  Other people have removed the clip for esthetic reasons.  It really does make you look like a clown.  Since airsoft is about 75% fashion shown, looking like a well geared up clown can be off-putting.  I(Alpine) personally have removed my Cortex Clip and don’t want to put it back on.  The goggles are amazing without it.  I’ve all but converted from my mesh goggles to the ESS Profiles because they just work that well.  The improved vision over mesh is worth the very small chance at fogging.

Overall the ESS Profile Goggles are a great piece of kit.  If you’re willing to pay $200 for a gun, why compromise on eye protection?  Most wounds will heal, but not losing an eye.  Spend the cash up front and get good eye pro, you’ll be glad you did.

OP: Maple Leaf 2

Sign Ups and More info:

After losing their supply line from Taliban forces, a remote Canadian supply outpost has been isolated.  The outpost is running low on ammo after many days of hard fighting.  They are in danger of being overrun by the local Taliban forces.

Before losing radio contact, the Canadian outpost requested evacuation of themselves and sensitive information they are in possession of.  A U.S. Special Forces team already in the area has been dispatched via convey to a nearby area.

The U.S. SF team must link up with the Canadians, secure the outpost, and evacuate all personnel before the outpost is completely overrun.

There is a large Taliban contingent in the area, and their numbers are growing by the day.  This operation must be swift and forceful to be successful.

About the OP:

  • Canadian and US forces will be wearing light colored (ACU, ABU, DCU, and Desert Marpat)
  • OPFor will be wearing Taliban attire (no light colored camo.  woodland and dark colors are ok)
  • There will be on site battery charging
  • No bb’s for sale on site
  • Bring lots of water and a lunch
  • Full sealed eye pro required
  • 400 FPS limit
  • Bring a deadrag



D7 Top Shots

Viper taking the Top Rifle spot.

Delta 7 has three top shots. Collin(Outlaw) took the Top Pistol Shot in a very difficult course. Gordon(Viper) took the Top Rifle Shot in what proved to be a very unforgiving marksmanship test. Jack(Alpine) took the Top Moving Shot on the course that almost took the CO out for good.
Great performances from everyone in attendance. It was a lot of fun.

OP: Maple Leaf a success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our  OP last weekend.  We had a blast, even with the few minutes of torrential downpour and having to move locations mid-battle.  Great turn-out with about 35 people playing.  Look forward to more events from Delta Seven in the near future.

The players in OP Maple Leaf

A special thanks to ESS for sponsoring us too!

D7 Members in attendance

ESS Goggles

Thanks to ESS Goggles for sponsoring Delta Seven!  The new cortex clip profile goggles are great.  No fogging in the 3 games we’ve used them.   This photo is about half of D7 wearing our new swag.

Airsoft Roles: Designated Marksman

The Designated Marksman, or DM, is not a sniper. They may use a sniper rifle, or rifle similar to what a sniper would use, but they are not a sniper. The DM has a very specific role that they fill within a squad, which is to take accurate shots(sometimes from a long distance) while sticking with the squad. This is the major difference between a DM and a sniper, the DM will almost always stay within the squad, while the sniper usually works in a smaller two man team.

If you the squad leader or fire team leader needs somebody dead, they will usually ask the DM to make it so while the rest of the squad gives them support and cover fire. The DM almost never acts alone though, they need to support their squad as well.

The DM usually uses a semi-auto long range rifle, such as a m-14, or SR-25, or even a M16. Usually they have a 4x scope to spot and take shots with. Although these guns all go full auto, they should almost never have to go full auto unless under duress. Most DMs prefer their guns to be shooting in the 400-550 range, to give them more range over full auto aegs. But this means they need to use engagement limits such as 50 feet or some other agreed upon distance. Under that range they should draw a sidearm, preferably a pistol so it takes up less space.

The key to being a good DM is taking accurate shots and working with your squad to get people in range and in the open for you to kill. DM is a more glamorous role than the sniper, as they get more shots, but will probably use similar gear to the rest of the squad. Basically they are a slightly longer ranged rifleman with a specific role beyond taking shots.