About Delta Seven

Delta Seven is a club for airsoft players on the Olympic Peninsula.  We are organized into teams of players and the teams join the club together.

Delta Seven’s goal is to promote the positive image of airsoft locally and keep it a safe and fun activity for all involved.

Delta Seven puts on local camping trips and events for all members and airsoft players in the area.

We hope to foster a feeling of community in the sport of airsoft and a sense of camaraderie and competition between the member teams.  We also want to help member teams develop to their full potential and individuals to start their own teams to grow the sport even more.

4 thoughts on “About Delta Seven

  1. Hello, Delta Seven! I am the Commander of the Kelso/Longview based First Guards Infantry Regiment. I was curious if our two teams could combine forces until I get more recruits, I just started this group today and already have 3 members. Since it is growing rapidly, I believe my team and I could support your endeavors on the field in one way or another! My team and I currently have 3-4 years experience each with airsofting (individually of course), and did paintball for a while before that. Please leave me a reply at my Email or on facebook. Thanks!

  2. Hi my name is Cameron and I was wondering if there was anyway for me to possibly join the Delta Seven Airsoft team?

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