OP: Maple Leaf 4

    1. When: June 30th
      Show up by 945. Game starts at 1030. Have your gear loaded and ready to rock, or load it quickly. We’re not going to spend 2 hours getting ready.
      We will do a short walk through of the area, a safety briefing and then get to the OP.

Where: The Sandbox up Grual Ramapo Rd.

Details: A small Canadian detachment has stayed behind in Kandahar Province after the rest of the Canadian military pulled out in 2011. Their mission is to support the local militias in establishing control of their region over the Taliban. With little to no support, they are on their own for weeks at a time. Supplies are limited to what can be scavenged and what the U.S. air drops in.
Locals are reporting the Taliban are mustering a large force to remove the Canadian force once and for all. Without another resupply planned for 6 more days, the Canucks must hold out with everything they have.

For sign ups go to http://deltasevenairsoft.com/forum/discussion/762/op-maple-leaf-4-sign-ups#Item_1

2 thoughts on “OP: Maple Leaf 4

  1. Longtime air softer from New England, recently moved to the PNW.
    Looking for local fields near my residence of Sequim, and or local team for some long awaited trigger time.

    Txt: 508-826-4477

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