Tru Spec Combat Shirt Review

Tru Spec Combat Shirt

A lot of local players have been switching to Tru Spec Combat Shirts.  They are a great piece of gear.  The middle area is like a poly/cotton tshirt, while the sleeves and back are more like a BDU/ACU material.  This combo offers you protection in the arms, while keeping your core cooled off.

There are included pockets with hook and loop patch locations on both sleeves like any modern combat uniform.  The elbows are reinforced with an extra layer of cordura material and look like they can take a good deal of punishment.

The Army and Marines are issuing these shirts (ACU and MARPAT respectively) to all in tour soldiers as they provide great benefits when worn with a tac-vest or plate carrier to keep you cool even in high temperature weather.

If it’s good enough for the Army, it’s (generally) good enough for me.  I of course don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, so opted for a better color for the local fields and went with the full OD shirt.  There is (I think) a Woodland sleeved variation of this shirt, but it is harder to find.  There’s also a Woodland MARPAT version as well, as MARPAT is a very popular camo locally for the woods.  There’s a Multicam version too, but guess what?  It’s $20 more than the other colors.  Another reason not to use Multicam.

I purchased mine from for $49.95.  They also sell the Tru Spec Tactical Pants for $39.95 to match the shirt.

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