ESS Profile Googles a year in review

ESS Profile GogglesDelta Seven has been using the ESS Profile Googles with Cortex Clip for about a year now.   All in all, they are great googles.  Great vision and low amounts of fogging.  The Cortex Clip has met with mixed reviews.  It does offer nice protection for your nose and from a bb entering the goggle through your nose area.  Some users have found that with the clip removed, the chance of fogging goes down significantly enough to warrant the lack of safety.  Other people have removed the clip for esthetic reasons.  It really does make you look like a clown.  Since airsoft is about 75% fashion shown, looking like a well geared up clown can be off-putting.  I(Alpine) personally have removed my Cortex Clip and don’t want to put it back on.  The goggles are amazing without it.  I’ve all but converted from my mesh goggles to the ESS Profiles because they just work that well.  The improved vision over mesh is worth the very small chance at fogging.

Overall the ESS Profile Goggles are a great piece of kit.  If you’re willing to pay $200 for a gun, why compromise on eye protection?  Most wounds will heal, but not losing an eye.  Spend the cash up front and get good eye pro, you’ll be glad you did.

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