OP: Maple Leaf 2

Sign Ups and More info:

After losing their supply line from Taliban forces, a remote Canadian supply outpost has been isolated.  The outpost is running low on ammo after many days of hard fighting.  They are in danger of being overrun by the local Taliban forces.

Before losing radio contact, the Canadian outpost requested evacuation of themselves and sensitive information they are in possession of.  A U.S. Special Forces team already in the area has been dispatched via convey to a nearby area.

The U.S. SF team must link up with the Canadians, secure the outpost, and evacuate all personnel before the outpost is completely overrun.

There is a large Taliban contingent in the area, and their numbers are growing by the day.  This operation must be swift and forceful to be successful.

About the OP:

  • Canadian and US forces will be wearing light colored (ACU, ABU, DCU, and Desert Marpat)
  • OPFor will be wearing Taliban attire (no light colored camo.  woodland and dark colors are ok)
  • There will be on site battery charging
  • No bb’s for sale on site
  • Bring lots of water and a lunch
  • Full sealed eye pro required
  • 400 FPS limit
  • Bring a deadrag



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