Vietnam Loadout Guide

After getting some good feedback about Delta7 hosting a Vietnam Event, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a guide of things one might need or want. Sometimes vintage gear can be spendy but I’m here to tell you that it’s out there if you look and you do have to break the bank for a quality impression.
Here are a few examples.
A Viet Cong or VC load out can be as simple as some old black ER scrubs or a black set of BDUs. Head wear can be as simple as a bandana. Don’t have an airsoft gun from the AK family? Then perhaps you can use a Thompson or an MP40.The VC used many types of weapons early in the war. Have a modern bolt action rifle just wrap it in burlap and call your self a VC sniper.
A General infantry or GI load out can be a little more challenging but not impossible. Every one has a crazy uncle somewhere that might have some OD green fatigues or an old steel pot helmet. Old Alice gear with M16 pouches should do the trick and can be found for around $15-$20(Chances are you might like them better than you $60 chest rig for those modern games). If you don’t have a VNM16 use your M4 without all the bells and whistles. It doesn’t have to be perfect just close.
For a Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol or LRRP see above just replace the OD green with Tiger Stripes and loose the helmet. EDRL would work to. What’s EDRL you ask? EDRL is Woodlands Camo’s daddy. Prior to 81 it was what the US army was using. Chances are you may have EDRL and you don’t know it.
The North Vietnamese Army or NVA is much like the VC load out. Using tan or khaki colored dickies or BDUs should work. Typical weapon is AK47 with a Chicom chest rig. Head wear can be a pith hat (like a safari helmet) or a boonie hat with ferns, brush or leaves shoved in it.
I hope this helps you choose a team for this years Nam event. Questions comments or concerns?Please visit the forum.

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