Video Showing Rounds Per Second based on Battery

This short video shows 3 different batteries running in two of my guns, an AK and a M4. The first battery is a 8.4v 3800mah nimh type. The second is a 7.2v 900mah Lipo. The last is a 11.1v 1200mah Lipo.

Interesting results with the smaller lipo vs the 8.4 nimh battery.

One thought on “Video Showing Rounds Per Second based on Battery

  1. Between this video, and watching Jack’s AK in action, I have just ordered a LIPO upgrade for my AEG as well. is running a Holy Cow deal for an 11.1 LIPO 3000 MAh with small tamiya connector, and a LIPO charger, for $35. Tack on the addition f the EVIKEROCKS coupon code, ad you get a battery ad charger for a mere $28.

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