OP: Maple Leaf

At 2005 hours zulu time, a small contigent of Taliban rebels have made their way into the area. It is believed that Taliban forces will be attempting to cut off supply lines to Nato forces in the area, and launch small arms and mortar attacks.

U.S. Army intel reports that Mullah Abdulla Hakim is leading a small militia from across the Pakinstan border. Hakim has setup an operating post allowing the Taliban to call in mortar strikes.

Be aware that there are many nomads and shepherds in the area. This will make it harder when engaging the enemy. These sheperds may be able to provide intel on Hakim’s whereabouts.

A small multi-branch U.S. special forces unit will be sending a 6-8 man team on a patrol of the area. They must secure any Taliban weapons, communications, and intelligence. Attempt capture on high ranking Taliban fighters, including Hakim. A Canadian led patrol was last sighted in the area, but has not been in contact for 12 hours.

May 16, 2010. Report to the field at 1030 hours. Play starts at 1115 hours, so be on time. The playing field is the gravel pit at Endor.  Check the forums for directions if you haven’t been there.  It’s about 45 minutes west of Port Angeles.

Print a waiver, fill it out, and bring it to the field the day of the OP.

There is no charge, and is a play at your own risk event.

Camo Requirements:
Canadian: Woodland or Multicam
OPFOR: Taliban impressions, no full DCU, ACU, Woodland, or Multicam. Mismatch camo is ok, see our OPFOR impression guide.

For more information, and to sign up, go to our forums.

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