Condor 36″ Gun Bag Review

Today I will be reviewing the Condor 36″ Gun Bag.


I ordered this bag from on March 16th for $50. I received it on the the 24th. Shipping of this item was delayed because of another item I ordered went on back order and they were waiting to ship until it arrived. Had to beg customer support to just ship the back order item separate.


Came with a few other items in large brown shipping box.  This item and my vest were used as shipping material for my pistol and goggles that also came in the box. I have seen better ways to ship items but this isn’t even close to the worse I have seen things shipped.


WOW! This thing only cost 50 bux? I would expect to pay alot more for something like this. Everything about it felt strong and high quality, from the zippers to the stitches.


This thing has lots of room for everything most players will need to take with them. It has 3 MOLLE pouches on the front. You can replace these with anything that has MOLLE. Behind the MOLLE is a compartment, this compartment can fit many things. In this compartment it has 2 smaller spaces for securing items.  The main compartment has straps to secure your gun (or guns) to keep them from moving them around.  Here is a example of my load up. Front pouches hold my 8 mags for my m4, 3 batteries for my m4 and mp5, 2 pistol mags, 2 bags of bbs (5000 rounds), highcap mag for the mp5 and 3 speed loaders. The front compartment I have in one pouch my pistol and the mp5 fills the front compartment with room to spare. The main compartment houses my M4 with scope and carry handle attached. If I took these off I think I can fit 2 M4s in this case.


This was a smart buy for me. I was looking at “branded” items that were similar but cost alot more. This bag is awesome. The quality of material feels great. The zippers are solid and heavy duty. The strapping feels tough. The buckles feel strong. Even the velcro holds strong. I can it a ton of stuff in here. I just quickly threw all my stuff in here but I think if I took the time to place items I can get alot more into this thing. For 50 dollars you cant go wrong with this one. And it beats my old bag (although will still use it for the other stuff I take out with me). I hope this review has helped you.

2 thoughts on “Condor 36″ Gun Bag Review

  1. Nice write up Karl. Makes me think that I should look into a bag. Keep up the awesome posts.

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