MAG M4 Midcap Review

Today my review is on the MAG 80 round mid cap magazine for the M16/M4.


I ordered this from on March 16th for $55.00 for a pack of 8. This was my alternate choice for King Arms Midcap.  I didn’t receive my order until March 31st. The day I ordered this it went out of stock, and when I went to email customer support they had already shipped it.


I though this was worth mentioning. It came in a standard shipping box from UPS, no noticeable dings and dents to the box. Inside was another brown box that they came in. No markings or labels. This box was loose inside the shipping box and shook around. The “retail” box was also made from flimsy material and the top wasn’t taped down. Altogether the shipping could of been better….lots better.


These mags have a grey-ish color to them. I really don’t mind that looks good with my gun. They are made from plastic, but it feels like a durable material. There are no noticeable dings and dents, which surprised me because of how they were shipped. I also noticed these has a bb follower so that you get every last one of your shots.


Before I oiled these I was only able to fill 40 bbs into them before they bound up. Shot some silicone (recommend doing this to all types of mags) down the feeding tube and was able to plug 80 bbs into these guys. I wanted to check the feeding on these so put it in my gun. They fit my mag well really nice with no wobble and they slide out with a tug when I release them 5 stars for that. Fired off several rounds on single fire and fed great. Switched over to full and spent the whole mag with out missing a beat (13 rounds a second). Another 5 stars.


My shopping experience with evike this time around has made me rethink ordering from them ever again.  The lack of packaging for shipping has also added to this. That aside I am really happy with this purchase (although not my first choice for mags). Decent build quality and and good finish, on top of working well with my gun has left me with a 4 out of 5 star rating on this product.

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