Airsoft Roles: Grenadier or Heavy Weapons

I was going to write an article talking about the role of the grenadier on an airsoft team, but found an article that sums it up better than I could have.

Remember, sometimes just the sight of your Launcher system will cause a squad to back up. Learn your weapon’s capabilities, utilize it safely and effectively on the field and stick to it. There are very few true Airsoft Grenadiers on the field due to the limitations of the Airsoft Grenade Shell/Launcher system, but it can be one of the most promising/rewarding roles to play in a skirmish/operation.

Link to full article

2 thoughts on “Airsoft Roles: Grenadier or Heavy Weapons

  1. This is very true. Even if you have an empty 203 under your m4 your OPFOR will be running scared.

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