Review of Dboys KAC PDW

Dboys PDW

First Impressions
Gun First Impressions

I ordered this from Airsoft Megastore for $180. It took about a week to come as it was just after xmas, and they were really busy. The box was pretty small and light.

First Impressions
Upon opening the box, the gun is really small, and light, but feels solid. It did not have the peq or forgrip installed yet, so it felt tiny in your hands. Once you slap the forgrip and peq box on, it adds a little weight, but I would guess it’s still under 4lbs. Amazing for a CQB gun! The outter barrel was a bit wobbly when I got it out of the box, but there is an allen screw on the bottom of the body you can tighten. Fixed it perfectly, no wobble.

The gun comes with:

  • 9.6v battery inside a PEQ box.
  • 90 round PDW plastic magazine
  • Quick Disconnect sling connector
  • Plastic For-grip
  • Longer Outter Barrel
  • Bag of crappy bbs
  • Unjamming rod
  • Speedloader
  • Externals

    The finish on the body is great. It has a nice black matte finish. This particular model does not have trades, since it has to be imported to the U.S. The include flip up sightsare nice, and they removable with a few allen screws. They don’t have to be removed to run a scope though, since there are rails on top of the sights. The folding stock feels secure in both locked positions. Note that you cannot mount the PEQ box on the right side of the gun if you want to be able to fold the stock.
    The gun has loads of build in rails on the top and sides and bottom of the front.
    The for-grip that comes with the gun is pretty crappy, I couldn’t get it to not wobble. I stuck a metal one on instead, feels nice.
    The flash hider is a crappy plastic orange one. The gun from megastore does not come with the proper metal flash hider, so I got a stubby silencer for the end.
    The inner barrel comes out about halfway up the orange flash hider, which is a bit strange. I would not advise keeping that particular flash hider on, as it could break, and then your inner barrel would be in danger.
    The gun is completely ambidextrous, selector and mag release. This is a great feature, even for righties. Sometimes you just need to go left handed around a corner.
    The charging handle and bolt catch actually work too. Pull back the charging handle and the bolt stays open so you can mess with the hop up with ease. Push the bolt release on the left side and it releases with a nice clink.
    Breaking the gun down is very easy. There is one front pin you need to pull out(it doesn’t come out all the way so you can’t lose it), and then you can just pull the whole upper receiver off. The battery connectors will unplug on their own when you pull it out.

    The included magazine is ok. It feels pretty plasticy and I wouldn’t expect it to hold up to being dropped to many times. It also has some side to side wobble in the magwell. I have tried dboys high caps, king arms mid caps, and jg high caps; they all work fine. One thing is that you need to give the mag a nice slap to make sure it is in all the way.

    The stock performance is pretty good. I ordered a m115 spring with the gun expecting to have to downgrade it from the reported 430 fps it shoots at. After chronoing the gun, it shot at 340 fps with .25g bbs, which is great! I won’t have to downgrade now. With the 9.6 battery fully charged, it was getting 780 rounds per minute(13/sec), which is also pretty good for a stock gun. I have replaced the barrel with a V2 madbull 6.03 barrel, so I won’t be able to check stock accuracy.

    The internals that I have seen look fine. The barrel was a crappy brass one stock, but I replaced it. The hopup is a clear plastic one piece unit. Looks good. The stock barrel was very dirty and there was lots of lube on the hopup rubber. So if you are going to stay stock, I would take it apart and clean it.
    The gear box looks like a regular V2 black gear box. The piston inside is blue plastic.

    I replaced the stock barrel, nub, and rubber. I also wanted to try to fit a baby lipo inside the upper receiver, so I took out the fake gas tubes. It didn’t fit though, you would need a 7.4v thin type, not the stubby type.
    I moved the wiring to come out of the bottom holes in the receiver so they were more low profile.
    That’s is so far.

    Solid Overall Feel
    Nice FPS stock(350)
    Nice RPS stock(13)
    Small and light
    Easily upgradeable
    Easy Takedown
    Full metal
    Lots of added extras in the box including 9.6v battery standard

    Terrible flash hider
    Included mag is pretty trashy but looks cool
    PEQ box is pretty big for such a small gun
    External Wiring
    No Trademarks

    It is a great gun overall. Feels solid and very aggressive in your hands. I’ll give an after action report soon, when I put it through a game or two. I would definitly recommend it especially for the price.

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