Playing it Real

Playing it real can be a good way to spice up your airsoft games. What it means is not calling hits, but falling or acting dead. Usually a dead rag is a good accompaniment to make sure you don’t get shot again.

The advantages are that it makes a game more realistic and can add some extra difficulty. If you’re playing a game and the person you are shooting at goes down but doesn’t yell “Hit!”, you don’t know for certain if they are dead or alive. This means you either have to go check their body or assume they are still alive.

This can also help on a covert mission. If you take out an enemy silently(sniper or quiet springer), the rest of their team might not even know they are dead. Radio communication is needed on a larger scale if you are playing “keep it real”.

This style of play can also add some fun. If I shoot somebody and they yell out and die horribly, its more fun than them just yelling “Hit” and walking off.

Generally when you die in this type, you stay dead where you died. You wouldn’t get up and leave the combat area until the battle has passed you.

Try it next time you go airsofting, it adds fun to the game, and can add fun to getting hit!

One thought on “Playing it Real

  1. Great post Jack! This is the type of thing that take the game to the next level adding excitement and challenge. I would encourage all Delta 7 members to start practicing this when playing a large OP.

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