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A few of the game types we play on skirmish days:

Everyone starts in one spot. The play area is generally small with set boundaries. One person starts counting to 10, and everyone disperses to get some cover. At the count of 10, the game starts. If you are hit, you go to the person who hit you, and you are now on their team. Generally it is good to yell out the names of the people on a team when the team changes. If you are hit when you are on a team, only you move to the other team, not your whole team. The game ends when everyone is on the same team. Generally we play this on semi-auto, so you don’t put too many bb’s into people before they head to your team. When moving to the other team, make sure it is obvious you are “out”. Gun in the air and all that. This is a great way to end the day; it gives you a lot of trigger time.

One team defends a location where they have planted a “bomb” with a timer. Generally 45 minutes to an hour is set on the timer. The other team must attack and defuse the bomb before the time runs out. Respawns for the attacking team, but probably not for the defending team, unless they have limited spawns. Their respawn should also be far away from the bomb site.

A sniper or sniper team must eliminate a VIP who is heavily guarded on a patrol. The VIP’s team must stay on a known path, usually a road or trail, until they make contact with the sniper(s). Usually this is 1 sniper vs 6-10 guards and a VIP. The VIP is unarmed, or has a pistol. The rest of the guards are fully armed, but do not know there is a sniper. It is important for the VIP guards to play a little dumb about scanning the woods for the sniper. Once the sniper takes the shot, or is spotted, the guards and VIP can move however they want, but they must get the VIP to the set destination. If the VIP is hit, the game can either be over, or the sniper can try to extract. This needs to be determined prior to the game starting. This is a good one with multiple sniper teams(2 teams of 2 people) if there are a lot of guards. 4 vs 15 or so. Do not completely obscure the VIP from being shot unless there is contact made.

Escape and Evade
1 to 3 people are allowed 10 minutes to hide in the playing field. A larger force is then tasked with finding and killing them. The smaller group needs to make it to a set location. This can have a time limit or not. Generally it is good for the large force to not act like they know where the smaller force is trying to reach, so they don’t just sit and guard it.

Sniper Hunt
A sniper or sniper team is allowed time to dig in somewhere in the playing field. A larger force needs to find and eliminate them. You can add some spice by having the large force needing to get to a certain location, so the snipers can guard that. Also, adding a high value target, such as a Colonel, to the large force can make it more interesting.

Have other game types you play? Let us know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Game Types

  1. There is also the classic game of CTF.

    1. The person with the flag can’t shoot
    2. Once you’ve captured the flag, you have a limited amount of time to get it back to your base

    Belt Grabber
    Rules are simple. One person starts with ‘the belt’ and everyone elses job is to steal it. Essentially, it’s a free-for-all with a twist. You can’t shoot anyone without the belt, only the person with the belt. The person with the belt in a certain amount of time (30 minutes is a good amount) is the winner. It’s a good game for learning how to E&E, be stealthy, etc.

    Assassin (this works really well with small groups)
    Write names of players on strips of paper. Have each person draw a name out of a hat. That person is your target. You are only allowed to shoot at your target, and no one else. If you shoot at another person and hit them, it’s a frozen-in-place penalty, or automatic out.
    When you take out your ‘target’, you take their target, and that is your new target. Person with the most targets eliminated wins.

    Hope this helps. BTW, really like the website. Its refreshing to find a NW website that is so helpful.

  2. Those are some good game types. We’ll have to try them out next time we go. Thanks.

  3. team assault, it is a long range game where you are on a team and do cqc or long range games

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