Prepare for OP:Distant Thunder

Non-D7 members(OPFor) and people playing the pilots should be at the gravel pit at 10am. If you need directions, here’s the location on google maps.
Gravel Pit

The OPFor team will be departing at 10.30 sharp, so be ready to go before then.

D7 team members will arrive at exactly 10.45 and be ready to play as soon as exciting your vehicle. This is a strict time of departure. Do not be late or we will leave without you.

Remember, bring BBs, food, water, an airsoft gun, eye protection, and if you are under 18, you will need signed parents permission or have a guardian at the game. There will be a short lunch break, so bring your food to the game.

This is a free event, so bring a good attitude or don’t come at all. Nobody is making any money off this, and we’re all there to have fun.

Delta Seven will be playing the part of U.S. Special Forces, and will dress as such. The OPFor will be playing the part of the part of Taliban insurgents, play the part and dress it if you can. Make this fun! I want to see turbans and Ak47s if possible.

See you on the field of battle!

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