OP: Distant Thunder a Success

Operation Distant Thunder was a blast. The weather was great, and everyone enjoyed some airsoft in the pit. D7’s recon unit successfully evacuated the downed pilots, while the main D7 force destroyed 3 of the 4 objectives. The OpFor put up a great fight and gave D7 heavy casualties at supply depot and while evacuating to the helicopter.

I hope everyone had a good time. Check out the photos from the OP here.


2 thoughts on “OP: Distant Thunder a Success

  1. This Operation ran smoother than the last, with fewer errors and miscommunications. There are still some details to iron out, but all in all our level of successfule planning seems to be increasing rapidly.

  2. Good operation. I’d like to thank every one that came out and played last Sunday. Also just a reminder that we will be posting other games here on the website in the future. So stay posted on the site for more details.

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