November 1st, General Scrimmige Day

On Sunday November 1st there will be a few of us playing out at Whiskey Creek. This will be more of an informal game play day with just general scenerio based play to have some fun. We will start play some time around 11 am; end time will be up to the players, probably around 2 or 3.

For those of you who have not been out to the Whiskey Creek site it is located at the end of Gossett Rd, west of Joyce about 5 min. Drive to the end of Gossett Rd, and turn right just past a lumber mill on the hill (also to your right). You will be on a fairly rough road, and some cars have a hard time from here, so if you want to park at the pull off that is fine. Walk or drive down the straight gravel road just to the left past the mill to my white Jeep and you’ll see a road leading up in to the woods on your left. If your driving park off the road to the left (there should be other cars there to guide you) Follow the road up, staying to the left at any intersection. Most likely you will see the smoke from my fire and that is where we will be playing. We have one larger bunker built, one in the making, and some fox holes in place. The site is 20 acres of forested land, with another 20 acres adjacent to it we can use as well. I suggest BDU’s or other forest type camo. ACU, DCU, and other tan camos will stick out like sore thumbs

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come, but we do ask you pick up your garbage (including cigarett butts) when you leave. Most things can just go in the fire. Remember this is private property the owner is letting us use free of charge. If you want to bring hot dogs or something to cook or heat over the fire feel free.

If you have questions email me at:, or call me at 452 – 5931. Of course you can leave a comment here, and any D7 member attending can answer your question.

One thought on “November 1st, General Scrimmige Day

  1. Great day of airsoft. The 2v5 scenarios were a blast. Playing our first real game at the new field was also fun. Lots of new territory and new routes to take.

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