Delta Seven wants YOU!

uncle samIn the recent months our organization has grown bringing more and more people into our sport. It has been Delta Seven’s goal to bring like-minded players from around the Olympic Peninsula together. With that being said we still keep looking for new members that would like to experience true Mil-Sim airsoft. Delta Seven has no membership fees the only requirement is that your gear matches ours. If that is a problem we will go over on case-by-case bases. Remember our goal is not to discourage but to promote our sport. If you are interested in joining or would like more information please comment below.

3 thoughts on “Delta Seven wants YOU!

  1. Would love to know more, New to airsoft and still tring to find a good bunch of people to play with.

  2. We have a small core of regular players that plays 2 to 3 times a month and we have team meetings once a week. We will usually post when and where we are gonna play. If you have anymore question let us know, we always enjoy meeting new players.

  3. I love AIrsofting. I have been involved for many years and have gear for many different ops. Anyone should experience a good MIL–SIM once in thier lives. I will definately be petioning for a spot on your team.

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