Airsofting in bad weather

Playing airsoft in bad weather can be a very rewarding experience. Rain can add realism to a South American themed operation. Snow can bring a lot to a game portrayed in Russia or Alaska. Sometimes you don’t have much choice about the weather you are playing in. The OP must go on! Having the correct gear and knowledge can help you have a good time in bad weather.

The first thing to know about cold weather and using an airsoft gun is that gas blowbacks will not work as well as they do in warm weather. If the temperature is below 55 degrees F, green gas/propane will lose its effectiveness and drop the FPS of your gun. This applies to 203 grenades as well. CO2 holds up better to cold weather, so if you have a CO2 pistol, you will be better off. An effective solution to cold weather and green gas, is to keep your mag in your pocket to keep it warm. You can also put a hand warmer in with your gun in your holster.

Cold weather can effect AEGs as well. The cold will lower your battery life. A battery that normally gets you through a full day of play might only make it half-way through. Keep extra batteries around or keep your batteries warm if possible. Another problem with cold weather and AEGs(all airsoft guns), is that the hopup rubber can get cold. This will cause your first few shots to not hop at all. After a few shots the rubber will warm and up hop the bbs. Just remember that if you haven’t shot in a while, your rubber will get cold again.

Rain is not much of a problem for gas blow backs, just dry them out after use and apply some lube where needed. AEGs on the other hand can suffer from play in rain. If you let too much moisture get into your body or need the wiring you could have a short. This is rare, so just be aware of it. Clean and dry your gun after use in rain and you should be fine.

Along with the realism that bad weather can add to airsoft, it can have other advantages. Rain can add ambient noise, which can help you to sneak in woods games easier. Snow can let you track people, or hide you in a snowstorm.

When playing in cold weather, you will want to have the proper gear. The universal item you need is a good pair of boots. Boots will help you in all weather and keep your feet warm/dry. A good set of BDUs can help you in all cold weather conditions too. They work fairly well to repel rain and keep you warm. Add a set of long underwear to your kit and you’ll be sitting pretty. A boonie hat can be a lifesaver in the rain too. They work well to keep the rain off your face and neck.

Snow can add a bit of a problem on choosing what gear to wear. Is the area you are playing in heavily forested or open? If it is forested you can get away with wearing regular woodland camo and be fine 90% of the time. If it is a more open field, you will stick out in woodland camo. A white poncho can help a bunch and keep you dry. Or you can go all out and get snow camo.

Playing airsoft in bad weather can be a lot of fun, and add a little something to a game that might otherwise be “just another scrim”.

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