Warning Order

Operation Distant Thunder




At 1935 hours Zulu time a US reconnaissance craft collecting intelligence on Taliban cross border activities was taken down by a hidden SAM site.

NRC assets have located the wreckage of the downed craft, and the landing site of the pilots. Unfortunately, this entire incident has taken place on the Pakistani side of the border, so no official US armed forces can be tasked to this mission.

NRC has collected photographs of the area, and analysts have determined that besides the enemy SAM site, the Taliban have also established a supply base and a communications transmitter tower.

Since shooting down the recon craft, several Taliban patrols have been active in the area, likely seeking to capture the pilots, and salvage whatever they can out of the wreckage.

Taliban forces should be considered on high alert.


Enemy: A Taliban Imam by the name Yasir Al Ruffi ibn Illad is known to be active in this region, and will likely take an interest in the possibility of capturing US pilots and technology, as well as exploiting the chance to show US combat forces active on the Pakistani side of the border. Dozens of other disciplined fighters, as well as many civilian recruits are also active in this area, constantly resupplying the Taliban forces on the Afghan side of the border. It is known that these forces have access to Stinger AAMs, RPG-7s, and PKM machineguns. Snipers armed with dragonuv rifles are also likely to be encountered. Enemy troops are being transported using civilian trucks and technicals.

Pakistani forces in the area are likely to be hostile toward US troops, and should be eliminated if necessary. Delta 7 should attempt to avoid contact with Pakistani national forces whenever possible.


Friendly: US and UK forces are operating on the Afghani side of the border, but cannot cross over to assist in any way. Nor can US forces provide close air, or artillery support across the border. Delta 7 forces will be forced to truck to a location near the border and walk across.

Pakistani forces are involved in fighting against Taliban forces in the lowlands farther North, and should have minimal presence in the area.

State Department assets are spread thin in this region, but may be able to render some assistance. No forces or assets have been dedicated at this time.



It is the Commander’s intent that deniable assets from the Delta 7 operational detachment be assigned the mission of rescuing the downed pilots, destroying any intelligence present in the aircraft wreckage or enemy hands, and of neutralizing the Taliban supply base operating in this region.

Success in this mission requires that the US be able to plausibly deny any assets being present in Pakistani territory, the successful return of the pilots or their remains to US shores, and the crippling of Taliban resupply efforts.


Execution: To be determined by Delta 7 Commanding Officer

OP2 Map 



Enemy: Enemy units will be on high alert. Patrols will be searching for the pilots, searching the wreckage, and watching for rescue missions.

Enemy SAM site will be actively searching nearby airspace in case of an airborne or helo insertion or extraction.

Enemy supply base will be operating to coordinate patrols and static posts, as well as analyzing any intel captured from the wreckage or downed pilots. Prisoners and recovered intel will be taken here.

The enemy can respawn at any active objective not yet destroyed by Delta Seven operators. Respawn time is 3 minutes. Wound rules do not apply.


Friendly: Delta Seven forces will need to insert and go about removing enemy forces.

Delta Seven Operators will respawn at the last completed objective. Respawn time is 3 minutes. Wound rules apply. The effected limb is rendered unusable until a medic ‘bandages’ the wound for 1 minute. A second hit on the same limb will permanently remove it until respawn. Head, neck, and upper torso hits are immediate death.

Due to the nature of their mission, Delta Seven operators will not be able to take prisoners. Operators are still considered US forces, and are not authorized to capture, interrogate, and execute enemy personnel.

Pilots cannot respawn. Once a pilot is dead, they must remain in position until prompted and transported by another player. Wound rules apply. A medic can ‘bandage’ a wound for 1 minute and regain use of the limb. A second hit to the same limb renders it useless.

Any hit to the head, neck, or upper torso is an immediate elimination.

Players transporting wounded or corpses cannot run or shoot.


Game Holds: A hold will be declared midday for both forces to stop and have a meal break.

This will also be a good opportunity for commanders and teams to meet, discuss possible changes to the rules or mission, and discuss overall strategy. Break will only be declared for 30-60 minutes, decided by the commanders.

Delta Seven and OPFOR commanders will be in contact via secure channel in order to coordinate, and in case of emergency.

Real world medical emergencies will be grounds for calling a hold of game until the crisis is dealt with by first aid personnel. Game will resume once both commanders determine the field is safe.

Running out of ammo, weapon failures, getting stuck, needing a drink etc will not be grounds for game holds. Any players experiencing these situations should handle the situation in place, or declare themselves eliminated and return to the nearest spawn point to effect repairs if necessary.


Markings: Delta Seven will have a predetermined uniform. Taliban operators cannot match or impersonate Delta Seven operators (i.e. if D7’s uniform is full DCU with tac vest, no Taliban player can have the same outfit, nor can they try to fool the D7 operators into believing they are a friendly by their uniform.) If it happens that a player only has a uniform which matches D7’s specified uniform, their top must be worn inside out.

Taliban operators should strive to visually resemble their roles. The presence of Warsaw Pact small arms, wearing of keffiyeh shemagh or other distinctive Afghan gear, or the wearing of non-military garb is appropriate and encouraged.

7 thoughts on “Warning Order

  1. Updated map info based on recent recon. Also added some stuff as far as medics, wounds, respawn, and game format.

  2. I was wondering if you guys will wear goggles or glasses at this event. I would really like to go, but I’m not allowed to go unless everyone has sealed goggles.

  3. We do not require full sealed goggles as we are not charging for the event. This is a show up and play style event. Play at your own risk.

  4. Everyone has full eye protection, we do require that. It is however of their own accord what style of eye protection they choose to wear. I myself wear mesh goggles, but also have a couple of extra pairs of full face paintball masks.

  5. The issue of sealed eye protection has come up in the past. The fact is we encourage it, but do not require adults to wear any specific type. Some wear safety glasses, some wear sealed eye protection. My 12 year old brother in law always wears a full face mask and sealed eye protection. Any minor is required to do so if they play with us. I wear safety glasses that fit snug to my face, but own sealed eye protection for close quarters work. We will not ever require any adult to wear any specific eye protection. We are all responsible for our own safety, but we always keep the safety of the other players in mind. I have played with much larger groups, including Battle Sim, and they do not require sealed eye protection for adults, but it is at your own risk.

    The event is open to everyone, and everyone must protect their eyes, but to what degree is up to them.

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