Sunday Training/Play

Sunday. 11.30am. Whiskey Creek(Luke’s place). We will be doing some fireteam training and then some putting it into practice via games. Be prepared to be on your fireteam for the day and fight other D7 operators. Try to meet at the field at 11.30. Carpooling is best, and remember that the road at the end will have some small logs on it(don’t bring a sports car).

Feel free to bring recruits, but this is not an open game. This is for D7 and future operators to get a feel for working in our fireteams.

I hope to see everyone there, this should be some good airsoft and good training.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Training/Play

  1. Training was good (even though it didn’t rain), and we even got the machinegun pit started.
    Congratulations to Tim and Nicholas on being indoctrinated into the unit. Congratulations also go out to Brude and Ken on their promotions to GS-3 and E-3 respectively.

  2. Good training and meeting. The airsoft was a sidenote, but was fun while we were playing and guns were working. Congrats to those who gained entry, and those who were promoted.

  3. I think we need to re-think our MG pit to make it more dug in, with less area. More of a trench with solid cover. We need to get out there again and do more game, less dig. Also Next time we could build our fire to the side so family can come out and enjoy the place with us. (my wife wanted to come out, but I didn’t want bb’s flying by while the girls played.

  4. I agree with Luke. I feel like we need to make out MG pit a little more low profile. We have lots of resources to make a solid walls. I was thinking and I have concerns with using pallets for safety reasons. I would hate for it to fall on on someone during a game. We all have tools and a little engineering know how. Next time we are out there lets look it over.

  5. Unfortunately, in the spot we picked the roots are pretty close to the surface. Ken and I were having a hard time getting down through them.
    We may need to consider another location if we want to make it deeper.

  6. Perhaps we could use some of the narrower chunks of plywood, and reinforce them from the rear more.

  7. That would work, I know it is intended for more of a machine gun pit, so I want to leave it with you and Ken mostly. It was just starting to get a larger-than-looked-for foot print

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