Operation Distant Thunder: October 4, 2009

It is time to start mustering up and dividing out personnel for this operation (see entry below for details.)

If you are interested on playing on a particular team, or running in a particular role, please respond. Also, if you have a non Delta Seven player you will be bringing along that day, enter them in as potential OPFOR.

OPFOR will muster for briefing and move out at 1000, we will be entering the play area NO LATER THAN 1030. Make sure your equipment is prepped and ready to go within that time hack.

For OPFOR related questions, contact Brude at (360)670-8026. Text works best.


Delta Seven:

Commander: Kenneth


Sniper: Colin


Demolitions: Karl

Gunner: Ken

Assistant Gunner:


Rifleman: Luke Brown


Downed Pilots:

Pilot: Michael K

Navigator: Parker S



Commander: Brude

SAM Operator:

Radar Array Operator:

Commmunications Array Technician:

Patrol Leader 1: Mark P

Patrol Leader 2: Tim R

Observer 1:

Observer 2:

Command Post Security Officer:

16 thoughts on “Operation Distant Thunder: October 4, 2009

  1. I would like to wear my MARPAT. What team would I be on, and if I were USMC, does that mean I can’t cross into Pakistan?

  2. MARPAT would be perfectly acceptable for the OPFOR. Delta Sevens team colors are Woodland camo with OD tac vest or 3 Color Desert with OD or Tan tac vest.

    Since we will be playing in the Pit, Delta Seven Members will be in 3 color desert. If you are a non Delta Seven member anything will work from jean and a T-shirt to OD BDUs.

  3. And for OPFOR, the less US military you look, the better.
    Jeans, cargo pants, non-US mixed cammies, scarves, head wraps, light colored parkas or hoodies are all excellent choices for looking the part.

  4. Parker Steichen and I want to be piolot and navigator. Could the downed plane be a USMC so we can wear MARPAT.

  5. I don’t see a problem with that. It should effectively distinguish you from the OPFOR and D7 operators.

  6. My name is Taylor, im interested in joining up with an airsoft team, completely new to it but would really like to join up. no current military expierience however i am joining the Air Force soon but not leaving until at least July. i have an airsoft rifle (i promise its not a cheap walmart version) i also have some cammo gear. im a 20 year old male.

  7. Well then, this is an excellent opportunity to come out and get involved.
    Be at the field at about 10ish on Sunday, and we’ll grab you up to play on the OPFOR

  8. Taylor C we are always looking for team members, come out out Sunday and check out our game. If you are interested in joining Delta Seven then you can petition the group Sunday if you wish. We do have some gear guidelines that we can speak about in person. We look forward to seeing you there.
    Kenneth D7 CO

  9. We still need to hash out how we know when objectives are taken. Is there going to be a flag at each one that is removed if it is blown up? Are we going to use smoke to show it is “detonated”? Do we have enough smoke for this?

  10. I think the visible flag will be the best bet. Not only is it not an incendiary that someone has to babysit til it cools, it is also easy to remember that if the flag is still up you can still spawn there. Or if the flag is down, D7 has cleared it already.

  11. i don’t actually know where you guys meet. i may or may not be able to get there sunday since my schedule is pretty speratic.

  12. The meet location is about half a mile down Elwha River Road, on the left. You’ll see lots of vehicles there and people in camo with guns. Should be hard to miss.

  13. Hello, my name is Joseph, i got into airsoft when i was about… 9? my guns have improved since then and now have a variety of weapons, including— L96 sniper, M16 ar, M4 ar, and a mac11 smg… could you please give me some information on the regulations for delta7, and if there is any age requirements. thank you.

  14. We have two members under 18, but they have legal guardians that play with them.

  15. I have woodland camofloge and a dark green vest. I am geting a m4. On my birthday want to know if I can join I am under 18

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