Great Op – Sanchez Extracted

Hector Sanchez was successfully extracted by U.S. forces and immediately rushed to the nearest Navy Hospital Ship off the coast of Bolivia. He sustained two gunshots to the stomach while attempting to escape capture. He lived will survive and has been listed in stable condition.

The OP commander was unfortunate enough to have to subdue Sanchez with bullets instead of just handcuffs, but what happens in Bolivia, stays in Bolivia.

We had a great time, and thanks to everyone who braved the weather to make it a great first OP for the D7 team! The rain added some atmosphere to the event. It really felt like we were in the jungles of Bolivia. The D7 team had a blast and from what I hear, so did the OPFOR mercenaries.

Thanks again to those who came out and made our first OP a success!

8 thoughts on “Great Op – Sanchez Extracted

  1. Yes, great OP for all that were involved. And yes I shot Sanchez not once but twice.

  2. Working on a warning order for OP2. You can expect to see info up by Wednesday. Just to give you a hint, it’s gonna be a down pilot search and rescue in a desert environment. Likely to be held at the big gravel pit.

    I would also like to know how the team would feel about finding a place to stage some events closer toward Hood Canal, and trying to get some of the Jeffco and Kitsap players to come out and play with us.

  3. Awesome, look forward to a new OP. I think sooner than later we need to network with Kitsap and Jeffco teams.

  4. Maybe add some secondary targets to both teams. Give them the option of doing any of a few things during the course of the mission. Such as placing C4 charges on the enemy transports or taking out the commander etc. It would be good for both teams to have more objectives as well, if that can be worked in. We want to give everyone something they are working for.

  5. Secondary targets example: If the opfor successfully destroys the insertion teams transport, they must extract at a different location. This would make them want to defend the transport site.

    If D7 kills the enemy commander, they lose all communications. The commander can respawn when allowed but still will not have comms.

  6. I love the ideas, and I’ll work some of them into the scenario. Keep em coming!

    I’m thinking we can use both pits, for a larger mission area, and multiple objectives.

  7. I think we could use Place Road to insert the OPFOR near the big pit, and Elwha River Road for inserting D7, giving only the two commanders any idea who all is present.

    I think we’ll need a couple of non-D7 volunteers to be our downed pilots, and a list of possible places for them to hole up, and let the two teams try and find them to rescue or capture them.

    I think the idea of having intel on various players worked great, and makes people have to stop and search bodies (or at least ask them to give up the intel on them) as they go along. And therefore we could do that on both sides.

    Additional objectives could include destroying the plane wreckage for D7, or caprturing the black box for the OPFOR.
    I think setting up a SAM site would be cool if we have enough players. Either man-portable, or vehcile mounted. for man portable SAMs, I was thinking those old super nintendo shoulder cannons painted matte black would be an awesome prop. Anyone got one laying around?

  8. I think if we put our heads together come Wednesday that we can come up with good ideas for some field props. We might need to utilize our resources and maybe build some props one night.

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