Future Event, Looking for Players

We are going to attempting another OP in the coming future. Our first one went off quite well and we are going to temp a second. For those of you that are unfamiliar our OP runs off a plot line for the day. This insures that down time is to a minimum. So don’t feel to bad if your team doesn’t win (Because it’s all about shooting each other, right.)We are looking for local players that want to take airsoft to the next level. So in the next month we are going to try to put together team rosters. If you want to come out and play email the team leaders and we will set you up. Remember this is free event so bring your gear.

3 thoughts on “Future Event, Looking for Players

  1. Phipps and Rypl are on the hook to be my OPFOR LTs again, and potentially two others with prior military experience (one Marine, one Army).
    I’m assuming that since my squad role is as OPFOR leader, I’ll be running the bad guys again?

  2. More than likely, Jack and I talked about cycling our Delta Operators through the OPFOR ranks just to give every body a taste of how it works. I’m hoping doing this will result in smooth OPs.

  3. Update on OP2 planning:
    We discussed my newest op proposal at Wednesday night’s meeting, and it looks like we will be running an all day objective based event with respawns. Since the round by round method last weekend seemed to cause some issues with optempo, we will not be splitting it up, except perhaps one midday meal and rest break.
    The setting will be the Afghan/Pak border, with a mission of search and rescue of downed pilots. Also included will be several search and destroy seconday objectives.
    If we go with the full compliment of troops for both sides, as well as the pilots, we will need around 24 players, so invite everyone that you think would be a relatively decent player to join us. I think all of my loaner weapons are spoken for, so I can’t offer to equip any more this time around.

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