Spec Ops in Hollywood II


Tom Berenger should have listened to his friend Billy Zane, he's a cool dude. Especially when he told Tom never to make a Snipers 2 and 3. These two team up in what seems like a buddy cop story line. Old grizzled Devil Dog (Berenger) meets the by the book office type (Zane) in this 1993 movie Sniper.

Alright boys and girls it’s time for another addition of Spec Ops in Hollywood.

Chuck norris

In 1986 the terroist were dealt the most lethal blow in modern warfare. They faced Chuck Norris on the big screen. With a third fist hidden under his beard and Lee Marvins reamains at his side he takes on the scurge of the middle east in Delta Force. ( On a complete side note I heard from a friend that George Foreman owns a Chuck Norris Grill)

Eric Bana

Eric Bana, yes the same Eric Bana who is in the "Time Travelers Wife" It's hard to believe that this pussy plays a slick and cocky Delta operator in Ridley Scott's 2001 masterpiece Black Hawk Down.

Demi MorreDemi Moore goes head to head with the men when given a chance to become a member of the Navy Seals. Not only does she get down and dirty (sorry guys no nudity) but is able to make some friends along the way.  After telling co-star Viggo Mortenson to suck her dick, he shows her how welcome the ladies are.

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