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I will be getting to the meeting late this week, so I thought I would throw a proposal up for y’all to consider.

Proposed Date: 1100 30 Aug 2009

Proposed Location: Elwha River (killhouse)


Proposed scenario: Delta Seven has been activated and assigned the covert mission of extracting a person of interest by the name of Hector Sanchez. Sanchez is a known member of the Medellin Drug Cartell, and has been connected with attempts to fund multinational insurgent forces with guns, money, and drugs from the cartell. USASOC suspects the Medellin Cartel to be attempting to divide national attentions away from their operations, or of getting involved with more exacting threats to our national security.

This operation is considered deniable and covert. Therefore no national assets will be available for support or extraction. SAD has arranged transportation for insertion and extraction, but cannot provide any support assets at this time. USASOC requires Sanchez to be extracted in an interrogatable condition.

POO Delta8 reports that Sanchez’s perosnal security consists of several independent contractors that patrol the outer perimeter and provide security on his home. It is also noted that Meddellin friendly forces are stationed within ten minutes of Sanchez’s location, therefore actions on the objective are going to have to be sudden and brief to avoid encountering larger forces.

Order of Play: D7 detrucks and moves out towards the Primary’s location. Contact with security patrols is likely, and must be handled as quickly and quietly as possible to avoid alerting internal security forces. Once Sanchez is secured he must be moved to the Extraction Point to be taken back for interrogation.

Teams will be D7 operatives vs OPFOR.

Stage 1: Movement to Contact D7 Operatives will move from the detrucking point to the objective. Enemy contact with security patrols is likely. D7 should move tactically and be prepared for enemy patrols. Enemy patrols must be dispatched as quickly and quietly as possible to avoid alerting security forces on the objective, or other security patrols nearby.

Regroup and Recover

Stage 2: House Assault Once D7 Commander has verified the location of the objective, and the presence of the Primary, D7 will have to assault the house. Neutralize all enemy contact and secure the Primary for extraction.

Regroup and Recover

Stage 3: Counterattack Alerting nearby patrols is almost certain during the assault, D7 Commander should prepare his team for enemy counterattack and defend the strongpoint of the house. Once enemy forces have been reduced or destroyed, D7 Commander should mobilize his team, and begin moving the Primary to the Extraction Point.

Regroups and Recover

Stage 4: Prisoner Escort Getting to the EP with the enemy now under high alert will likely result in further enemy contact. D7 should be prepared to repel the enemy and keep them from freeing or executing the Primary.

Regroups and Recover

Stage 5: Clear the Extraction Point SAD assets will be unable to land until remaining enemy forces have been repelled and aircraft can land without being engaged. Once clear, the Primary can be loaded and D7 can be extracted.

After Action Review


Please post any comments or suggestions below. Also express your support or not for prewritten scenarios like this for play.

5 thoughts on “Scenario proposal

  1. I think that we should just split the fire teams when we don’t have opposition for the weekend. The OPFOR teams can have respond points and D7 forces can play by medic rules and have a couple extra guys or something.

  2. Brude, we will need you to provide us with some intel as to the appearance of Hector Sanchez and we will have further info for you team as well.

  3. Sanchez has dark hair, goattee, wears glasses, weighs around 230# and stands about 5’10”. D8 will attempt to capture intel photos from Predator resources of him.

    Sanchez’s internal security is around a dozen mercs, in addition to 3 man patrols and LP/OPs around the perimeter.
    Nearby Medellin assets number about 300 with technicals.

    D7 is required to photograph any evidence of terrorist organization connections, weapons other than small arms, or other personalities of interest encountered during this raid for NATSEC analysis.

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