Boots on the Ground

Most people would say their airsoft rifle is the most important item they bring to the field.  Reaching back to the dawn of battle I will say this is wrong. Your ability to move, and stay in the game, depends on your feet.  Your feet depend on your boots, and so your most important item you bring to every game is your boots.   Notice I didn’t say shoes, you need boots.   Get a good sturdy set of boots that won’t let you roll your ankle the first time you jump in a hole.   The brand isn’t important; the price isn’t either, but make them something that will protect your ankles and feet.  By investing in a good pair of boots,  you can make the rifle work for you, and contribute to your team’s success.   A player who moves better than his enemy can out manouver somone with a better gun, and get in close for the kill.  You will always find someone with a better gun, that is just part of the game.  Learn to out manouver your enemy.  Do not rely on your gun to win the fight, your mind is the most powerful weapon you have.  Your boots will get you there.

See you on the field,
L. Brown



One thought on “Boots on the Ground

  1. And, as any infantryman can tell you, boots sweat, blisters happen, and life sucks when you live on your feet.
    Next to boots, the next best thing you can do for your movement capability is good socks.
    The primary factors in creating blisters are moisture and friction.
    Wool socks may be hot sometimes, but nothing is better for wicking moisture away from your skin. Women’s stockings or pantyhose also make a great protection against friction.
    Regardless of how good the socks or stockings you get, always have extras. When packing for a day of games I usually pack two to three extra sets of socks, and change whenever I start to get that soggy feeling. It is positively amazing what a fresh pair of socks and a canteen of water can do for your morale and your overall comfort throughout the day.

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