We are recruiting!

We are recruiting mature, easy going, active players. You must be willing to participated at least twice a month in airsoft games, and attend a weekly meeting. View the rules section for further information about the requirements.

Recruits start out as E1 ranks in their respective service(we are a joint branch team with members representing the Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Army). Being admitted to the team does not mean promotion, but in most cases it does.

The benefits to joining are being able to travel with the team to events, to help with our own events, and to help grow airsoft in the Port Angeles / Olympic Peninsula area!

Hope to see you out there!

3 thoughts on “We are recruiting!

  1. I would like to join you’re squad Ive got a woodland camo 82nd airborne uniform, woodland camo Lacros boots, M4 JG Enhanced 400-450 FPS+ Fore grip+ Max slick BB(43$ for 4000)+ 5 standard 70 round mags+1 300 round mag+ speed loader+ silicone+Leapers New Gen UTG Combat Quality Tactical Laser+Leapers UTG Tactical OP Bi-pod+Leapers 5th Gen 4X32 Mini CQB+ woodland tactical vest+ Condor but pouch+ condor utility pouch+ Foliage feild pack(pretty big though wouldnt want to carry it around)

    Im getting a shemagh, and a helmet or something of the sort
    also a face mask

    I’m 15 moved to Sequim 5 months ago

    Any recommendations on what else to get?

  2. When I finish buying everything I’ll come to a game, gonna change a couple of my gear setups.

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