Spec Ops in the Movies

In the name of fun I put together a little group of photo I collected. As a multi branch Spec Ops unit we all have been inspired by Hollywood at some point. So here is my little segment I call Spec Ops and Hollywood.

John Rambo/Ken

John Rambo/Ken:Here is an image that was capture from Rambo First Blood part 2. In this film Sly Stallone plays John Rambo a former Army Green Beret with a body count longer than his dick whose always finding himself trying to please the Colonel.

Lt. Dale Hawkins left, Lt. James Curran right(Will and Collin)

Lt. Dale Hawkins left, Lt. James Curran right(Will and Collin):These two cool customers can be seen tearing it up in this 1990 hit NAVY SEALS. Not only can you see Beruit bombed out and depleted but you can see Micheal Biehn's career in the same shape.


Dutch/Jack:Major Dutch or Major Douche. In this 1987 film you can see Arnold Schwazenegger and his Air Force PJs not BJs battle an enemy not of this world in Predator

Sgt. Thomas Highway/Luke

Sgt. Thomas Highway/Luke: This old Jar Head may not like holding hands and long walks on beaches but I know Luke sure does. In this 1986 istant classic Clint Eastwood puts the Ooorah back in the Marine Corp in Heart Break Ridge.

3 thoughts on “Spec Ops in the Movies

  1. Blackhawk down: Nothing like watching Obi Wan Kenobi talk like an American.

    Star Wars Episode II and III: Two million geneticaly engineered highly trained clones bred to fight. It’s like a Hitler wet dream. Tell me you didn’t grin with joy when the gunships started dropping into the arena loaded with troops.

    All The Queen’s Men: Eddie Izzard leads a crossdressing team of commandos into Germany to pose as women to capture the Enigma.

    Inglorious Basterds: Haven’t seen it yet, but Tarantino making a war movie has got to be worth the laugh.

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